Is RichmondSuper the right broker for you? – Review 2021

The implementation of technology can be seen in every aspect of life. Every profession has been revitalized based on its ability to synchronize with technological advancements with nearly every person today needing basic insight about technology to make it in the real world. There are billions of active users on the worldwide network and this has created a huge marketplace for newcomers and beginners looking to showcase their skills to the world.

One of the largest sectors for the technological synchronization of a profession is trade. Trade is the backbone of the world’s economic system and without it, the world would essentially stop functioning as a united force.

One can understand the importance of trade and how trading methods must keep up with the evolution of technology. In the modern era, trade has become somewhat accessible to every citizen of the planet with free trade being the primary goal for every nation.

In the 21st century, there has been an influx of new traders entering the financial market place and this is all thanks to the development of new methods and platforms that have helped stimulate this sudden increase. Online trading has become a staple of the financial world with hundreds of online platforms providing customers access to assets that can be traded from anywhere in the world to ease of access allowing absolute beginners to take part in the action.

The problem with starting completely new is that it is difficult to find a trading platform that suits your needs and can help you make a profit off your bids. This is the same dilemma I faced when I was a beginner a couple of years ago. For a while, I struggled to find a fixed platform where I could easily utilize trading tools and be confident enough to trust my sensitive trading information.

Many features are required for any online trading platform and almost no trading platform exists that encompasses every feature. I did however come across a suitable trading platform that was the most qualified for my needs and it is RichmondSuper. From my perspective, it is best suited for all beginners who want to trade in international markets and make large margin profit bids.

I will try to make this review as fair as possible since I am aware of the necessity of an unbiased opinion regarding a trading platform. This is something I lacked when I started and I do not want anyone else to suffer the consequences of not knowing what to expect from a brokering site. Consider this review as your guide to entering the world of trade. Welcome and let’s begin with the basic requirements that are a must for any trading platform regardless of price.

Layout and User Friendliness

Every online trading platform is composed of dozens of tools and different redirection links based on user interest. When I first came across RichmondSuper I was impressed by the appealing layout that guided me to the information I required for developing an account and how I could benefit from online trading. In the beginning, I was against online trading platforms mostly due to their inconsistency but RichmondSuper is among the few online trading platforms that have managed to maintain its system without having to completely overhaul its business model.

The webpage is user friendly and helps answer the frequently asked question most newcomers have. This is a bonus since most of them do not know how trading with assets works and an introductory description won’t teach them how to trade but will guide them on how they can manage their resources via their accounts. This is more than enough for beginners who are completely new to trading using online digital assets.


Trade is a very sensitive profession. Many people around the world prey on others who do not keep their trade secrets secure. A traders best tool is a strategy. If a competitor can get their hands on any strategy then the trader might lose precious bids that could result in a significant loss. However, many online trading platforms offer minimum security since it helps in driving down the total cost. If you ever come across an online trade broker that does not have an encryption system or any secure data servers then you should avoid it at all costs since safety is better than cost.

Any trading platform that compromises on security when it comes to protecting strategies, bidding practices and other data points then it cannot be trusted. One of the main reasons I chose RichmondSuper is because of its reputation in encryption analysis. Their high-speed servers are capable of staying ahead of all hackers who might try to get access to sensitive trade information. This made them the ideal choice for my trade business. I have been using RichmondSuper for a while now and even though I had my doubts, I have not faced any issues regarding my data. It is secured and locked in a digital vault and can only be accessed by myself.

Reliability and Customer care

One of the key advantages of online trading is supposed to be the fact that it can be done from anywhere in the world. However, worldwide support is expensive and can be difficult to maintain which is why most companies do not invest in such features. Customers who pay a premium are then subjected to reliability issues when they travel to different regions in the world. if a particular platform does not have support in different regions then there is a huge possibility that most of its tools will be limited and in some cases, users might not even be able to connect to their account. There have also been reports of customers of different trading platforms losing access to their accounts as a result of such issues.

RichmondSuper found a way around this issue by simply increasing the number of servers in many regions so that their customers do not face any inconvenience when accessing their accounts in foreign regions. This tactic is the best solution to the access problem and even though the number of servers is still limited to a select few regions, these servers provide uninterrupted access to customers and ensure a streamlined flow of data between users and their digital vaults.


An online brokering service is useless if it does not provide access to bids for different types of assets. An asset is the most important part of any trading system and without it, trade does not exist. An online trader must under all circumstances be able to develop trading bids for all kinds of assets. These include forex, indices, commodities, company stocks and cryptocurrencies. While most platforms provide access to all of the mentioned assets, only a few are trustworthy enough for Crypto transactions.

RichmondSuper has been known to offer its customers the necessary tools required for trading in cryptocurrencies since not all platforms are optimized for such bids. I have been trading with crypto for a few months now on RichmondSuper and I have to say the ease of trading with crypto due to the available tools have made me a significant profit.

Legal Description

There is a reason why RichmondSuper has a good reputation among its customer base. They are upfront about their legal bindings and are transparent about their terms of service. When you sign up for their service you do not have to worry about anything since they give a brief description for all their legal certifications and if you choose you can view a more detailed description as well.

Withdrawal and Deposit Options

As a trader, you need methods to deposit funds to your online account so that you can use these funds as assets and trade with a variety of other assets. You also need a way to withdraw your earnings depending upon the schedule you set yourself. RichmondSuper offers a range of transaction options that are supported by international markets. They are

  • Visa
  • Wire Transfer
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro

While the options are limited, there is ongoing deliberation regarding the addition of more transaction options for a more diverse customer base especially those who do not have easy access to the above-mentioned transaction methods.

Closing Argument

The three years of trading with RichmondSuper have taught me one thing and that is the fact that trading is directly dependent on confidence. The assurance I received when I signed up gave me the confidence I needed to increase my business reach and make more profits by trading online. If you are looking to become an active trader like me and reap the rewards then my suggestion is that you need to sign up to RichmondSuper. It has its flaws and so do other platforms but it is one of the few platforms that are actively trying to fix these issues to cater to their customers.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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