Does Iron-Bits prove to be a reliable broker?– Review 2021

When you are young, you have the drive to pursue your dreams by taking on risks. But as you get older, stability is a factor that you take under consideration while making any decisions. This was the same thing that happened with me as I made my way through difficult business decisions.

Trade has always been a big part of my life as I sought to make considerable income through this means of earning. It has been a long hard journey for me and I have seen the market evolve to become what it is today. Looking back on all my highs and quite many lows, I know that all of it has shaped the trader I am today.

The dodgy field is one for you to make your way through and your decisions define the momentum of your progress. I do realise today how essential was the role of the trading platforms that helped me trade. This is exactly why I wanted to share my experience with one of them in order to relay some exciting features that can be found in these trade servicing platforms.

My Experience

Coming to my own experience with a trading platform, the one I am going to be reviewing today is Iron-Bits. Now, I have had my fair share of experiences with trading platforms- some have been very good while others have left me penniless. That isn’t even a figure of speech and this exactly why I would suggest you never impulsively opt for a trading platform.

Most traders tend to go for the popular option only because they promise reliability and that for one is a major essential factor you need to take under consideration as well. While the experiences may vary for each trader, getting a good security system on your trading platform is a must. Other than that, most platforms stand out due to the various analytical tools that they offer for your investment strategies. Iron-Bits is no different.

I will be running through all of the exclusive features that are characteristic of this platform and also some drawbacks that might leave you perplexed at times. My experience with Iron-Bits dates back to 2016, and back then the platform was fairly new. The brokerage firm was founded in 2015 and had worked its way to build a solid reputation for itself.

A friend of my father’s recommended this platform to me when he heard of my recent grave experiences with online brokerage firms. His account of the website’s server had me interested. Honestly, anything that gave me the leverage of security above all had me interested.

Obviously, I was a little apprehensive at first but after a solid 5 years of experience with the firm, I am more than satisfied with where I am today. Before proceeding, I would like to acknowledge my unbiased opinion on the platform in this review as I know how misleading certain reviews can be.


Like most platforms I previously used, even Iron-Bits had a dark backdrop. Now while that isn’t something I have ever been a fan of, I was pleased to find that the platform had a straightforward layout on the dark theme. Despite the darker tones, the theme had accents of bright green while added a good contrast to the server design.

A lot of traders do not realise how essential having a good interactive interface is for your trading experience. If you are going to spend long hours trading on a platform that does not keep you engaged, you are going to miss out on a whole lot of opportunities at hand.

For example, with Iron-Bits I noticed that they did not have a display of the stock report on the main page, and now while that may not be essential for some traders, there are many that might presume otherwise.

The more updated your server design, the more interactive will be your interface. You will also be able to incorporate a lot more tools and features within your server. Iron-Bits stands tall among its many rival platforms owing to its quality features.

Charting and Analysis

Any experienced trader will let you know how essential charting is for a trader. This is how the trader makes calculated decisions about his/her trades. Iron-Bits offers its traders exclusive tools which make analysis a whole lot easier for them. The amount of innovation that the platform exudes in its charting layout speaks for itself. You have a variety of options to choose from in customizing your chart. From a number of indicators to the varying types, the platform allows you to make it your own.

Safe and Secure

It’s obvious how much significance security holds for me when it comes to trading. As I relayed earlier, there were times when I lost out on essential data and money due to the lack of security in certain brokerage firms. Once the server crashed and became an open window for hackers, which led to the draining of many accounts. I soon realized right after that the platform did not offer any insurance policy to its clients.

With Iron-Bits on the other hand I was promised security from unauthorized use and various other possible breaches. Not only that, but the platform also tends to take the confidentiality of your account information into consideration while designing its security framework. So, in the case of any breach, the platform will ensure that all your information is well accounted for. Considering how unstable online servers can be, I found Iron-Bits to be very reassuring with respect to the implementation of their security regulations.

They also ensure that clients are well aware of the risks of the trading world especially the online trading scene. This is exactly why they have inculcated a disclaimer along with all legal documentation on the web server itself. Iron-Bits is determined to prove its credibility to potential customers through a strong security framework.

Customers Support

Being a part of an organization requires you to be acquainted with the administration itself. While some platforms have a rather laid back approach in the matter, Iron-Bits takes its customer’s queries very seriously. This is why the platform has designated three different means to establish communication with its customers.

With the options of phone, email and live chat, I have always been the one to go for a phone call option. While I do realise that many traders living outside of the United Kingdom and Australia might not be able to avail of this option, there are other ones available for them.

It doesn’t matter which option you choose to go for as all of them have experienced and efficient service operators on the other end. They will be ready to serve you and solve any problems that you may have. Not only that, I was pleased to know how the platform also allows customers to give in their feedback every now and then. This helps them employ means to fix certain issues.

Considering the worldwide popularity of the platform, I have often left recommendations to incorporate the option of more languages as that would certainly help traders from around the world to make use of the server better. Currently, the platform is available in only two languages which include English and Deutsch.

Ease of Access

Another factor that works in Iron-Bits favour is the reach it offers its diverse clientele. As a trader making your way through the global market can be hard if you are not well aware of the opportunities that you have available at hand. Iron-Bits inculcates self-sufficiency within its framework in order to make the forum your go-to partner for trading.

You do not need to make any downloads and can directly access the platform’s server from your mobile or laptop. I found the mobile device to be just as efficient as my laptop with some changes in the browser layout. I still believe that they could do more with the layout by introducing the option for variable colour schemes. I found the server to be a little too dull for operation from my mobile device.

Other than that, the platform continues to excel with its variety of tools. Iron-Bits has a collaboration with Recognia in order to provide the access to free tools to its clients. These tools include the options for:

  • Probability Checker
  • Tax Ramification Recognizer
  • Profit and Loss calculator


Iron-Bits offers a variety of accounts to its users in order to accommodate all types of traders. Each distinctive account has a minimum deposit balance requirement coming with a number of characteristic features. You can run through the features to check which one fits your trading needs. I made my way up from the Silver account with time as the platform really helped me expand my trading portfolio.

Final Words

If you are a trader navigating through the complex circuit of the online trading world, you need to do your research before you make your pick. It is imperative that you know your requirements before signing up. The specifications and qualities discussed above are all but a small reflection of what Iron-Bits has to offer. You can hit a trial run with this platform to determine if the platform is truly the one for you.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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