Oklahoma jury consultant

Consulting a jury has become a necessity in the legal industry and courtrooms. Lawyers representing clients with high-stake litigations leave no stone unturned while preparing such cases for trial. Not only do such cases need a team of expert layers, paralegals, and expert witnesses, it also needs the experience and expertise of jury consultants.

Irrespective of the type of case presented for trial, getting hold of the right jurors is very crucial. With the aid of an Oklahoma jury consultant, you know that you have selected the right people in determining the outcome of your case.

Oklahoma Jury Consultant

Jury consultants are human behavior experts who help attorneys research and select jurors and provide an insight into the jurors’ behavior. They are best known for their trial strategies and human behavior experts and are credentialed with a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree. Most of the jury consultants have either obtained a Master’s Degree, Ph.D., or Juris Doctor.

With people in the courtroom who are unbiased and listening to both sides and reviewing the evidence, you can always rest assured that there would be a fair trial of your case. If there are people who have a predetermined opinion of the defendant, the crime, or anything related to the case, then there will be no chance of any fair trial.

Oklahoma Jury Consultant has definite duties and responsibilities which they abide by under any circumstances. A Jury consultant is an integral part of a legal process and even before the trial begins in court, they are engaged with several duties and responsibilities like:

  • Have thorough research on the juror’s background.
  • Create profiles of the juror.
  • Assist in jury selection and voir dire (A French word meaning ‘telling the truth’).
  • Conduction mock trials and focus groups.
  • Conducting all pretrial researches.
  • Collect and analyze all demographic data.
  • Adjure statistical analytics.
  • Make draft analytical reports before the trial.

One of the most important responsibilities of an Oklahoma jury consultant is to develop trial strategies for a trial that will help juror perception. It is important because it can lead to the most favorable outcome of the trial. This is done by:

  • Provide insight on the juror’s body language and behavior during the trial process.
  • Coach all the witnesses for the best of presentations of facts when questioned during a trial.
  • Help the layers identify argument facts and develop strategies accordingly.
  • Create courtroom graphics with multimedia representation which will help the attorney design a compelling and persuasive story for the jury.

Why should you use Oklahoma Jury Consultant?

Oklahoma jury consultant is a trail strategy expert who masters the understanding of social dynamics and exactly knows how to present an effective, cohesive and compelling presentation to juries. Their role is to ensure that the case is presented in such a manner that jurors want to be advocates of their client in the jury deliberation room.

A jury consult adds depth and substance to the experience of the trial team. With their diverse set o skills, they complement the skills of the lawyers and paralegals, thereby, allowing the trial team to be in the best position to get the best of result for their client/you.

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