How to Protect Your Parental Rights

Your marriage did not work out, but it is your desire to do the best for your child. This can be difficult if you and your ex are not on good terms. If you have shared custody, you must try to arrange things so that your kid is not harmed. Children need both parents to have a healthy upbringing, and it your intention to do your part. However, you should always prioritize the protection of your parental rights. You must never allow your ex to do anything that will keep your child from you.

A New Life

You and your ex have established new lives. You may have both started new relationships with other people, who may themselves have children from previous marriages. This will require you to be flexible and do your utmost to make allowances for last minute changes, as you both must contend with schedules and priorities of others. It is especially important to be sensitive to scheduling and re-scheduling over the holidays. However, if you seem to be the only one making sacrifices, then you may need to have your Child Custody Attorney help you renegotiate the terms of the shared custody agreement.

High-Conflict Custody

Being nice, civilized, flexible, and accommodating is one thing. Allowing yourself to be run over is another. At some point you may need to accept the fact that your ex is plotting to gain sole custody. If your ex is planning to move your child to another city or state without your permission, then you must prepare for a fight. If they file a motion for sole custody, then you need to get ready for a legal battle. If they accuse you of neglect, abuse, or some other form of mistreatment, you must respond with vigor and decisiveness.

The law is clear on most of the above issues. Your ex cannot move your child an unreasonable distance from you without your permission. If they have done so in defiance of both you and the law, then you have no choice but to go to your lawyer and file kidnapping charges. This may seem extreme, but that is exactly what they are guilty of.

If your ex has accused you of neglecting or striking your child or exposing them to an unhealthy environment, it may be necessary to submit to a court-ordered investigation. This can be a demoralizing and wasteful exercise, but it may be the only way you can clear your name.

Doing What It Takes

If you are an active, loving, supportive, and financially stable parent, your ex can do nothing that jeopardizes your relationship with your child. Indeed, if their behavior turns increasingly ugly and bizarre, you may have good grounds to sue for sole custody yourself. It is a decision you should make only after long and deep reflection. Your lawyer can help you figure out your options. They can provide you with legal analyses and insight based on their previous experience handling such cases.

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