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If you are looking for freedom of choice and a vast range of trading options and then my personal review on CVMarkets will help you out a lot. I have been a member of this broker for some time now. I realized not many reviews are available for this platform and I decided to give me personal experience with CVMarkets. I have been a very satisfied client and if other traders are looking for affordable yet an assortment of features in a platform then CVMarkets is the go-to broker. Some of the best features of this broker according to me are:

  • 250 Euros minimum deposit
  • CVMarkets offers affordable pricing,
  • Excellent trading platforms,
  • The brilliant education center,
  • Reliable customer service,
  • Over 200 tradable assets.

The offering of Investments – SCORE 90%

CVMarkets is a multi-asset broker that offers traders and investors an immense choice of in excess of 200 tradable assets. Notwithstanding electronically tradeable business sectors spreading over essentially every asset, CVMarkets offers spot FX, FX alternatives, Commodities, Contracts for Difference (CFDs), Stocks, Investment opportunities, Crypto, Indices, and Futures.

Commissions and Fees – SCORE 80%

Generally, CVMarkets gives investors great all-around pricing. For active traders and those with huge account balance brokers, CVMarkets offers the most minimal pricing in the business. I compared the platform’s pricing with some other broker, and I have to say that CVMarkets is at a very affordable level.

Pricing Synopsis: In August 2020, the normal EUR/USD spreads were 0.8, 0.7, and 0.6 pips, for the Platinum, Diamond, and Libra accounts, individually. In conclusion, I discovered that the fundamental accounts (Self-Managed, Basic, and Gold) to be in accordance with the industry normal, while the Diamond and Libra accounts rank among the best forex traders.

Self-Managed Account Essentials: The entry-level Self-managed account requires a 250+ Euros least deposit. I believe that this account is preferable for the new trader who is just starting and doesn’t know much about trading. A trader can take this account if they want to check the features of this broker or if they want to practice in trading. Either way, this account gives the minimum features but those features gradually increase with other account types as I will discuss below. This account basically includes market Review and Leverage up to 100.

Basic Account Essentials: The base for the Basic account is 5000+ Euros. This account in addition to what is offered in the self-managed account offers, dedicated account manager, trading bonus, Basic spreads, up to 200 leverage, trade room tier 3, and special venture.

Gold Account Essentials: In addition to what is offered in the basic account this Gold account has a minimum deposit of 10,000 Euros. Some extra features like Gold spreads, Trading signals, Trade room tier 2, Financial Planning, Priority withdrawal, private analyst session, special venture, risk management strategy, and financial planning.

Platinum Account Essentials: The platinum account requires around 25,000+ Euros. It includes all the features of the gold account and some added ones like Platinum Spread, complete trade room access, leverage up to 300, and an invitation to VIP events.

Diamond Account Essentials: The diamond account is very special as I am using it currently. This account type requires a 50,000+ Euros minimum deposit. In addition to the features of the platinum account, this special account offers diamond spreads, leverage up to 400, and a Bitcoin trade room package.

Libra Account Essentials: In 2021, CVMarkets won my best regard for Best VIP Libra Client Experience. CVMarkets’s Libra account, which offers the most reserve funds on pricing, is saved for world-class traders who deposit more than the other accounts, or who qualify under CVMarkets Loyalty Program by procuring enough prize focuses, for example, by trading a high rate in forex volume to have their account level moved up to Libra for one year. This account likewise gives selective admittance to occasions and associations with CVMarkets experts.

Best Execution: CVMarkets is focused on the FX Global Code, a developing interbank standard around upgraded revelations and execution best-practices. The mission of the FX Global Code is to advance honesty and straightforwardness across the worldwide unfamiliar trade market.

Platform and Tools – SCORE 80%

No doubt, CVMarkets’s extensive trading platform is very tremendous, because of its smoothed out plans and strong trading tools. CVMarkets sets a high benchmark that isn’t effectively beat. This platform offered me a chance to be a better trader and I grabbed it quickly. Obviously, the platform is advanced and hence the execution is super-fast. On top of that CVMarkets offers innovative tools that are hard to find on other platforms.

Platform Execution – SCORE 78%:

CVMarkets’ responsive online platform is intended for easy and comfortable usability, yet I believe it likewise conveys progress in trading abilities. The watch rundown, screener, and alerts work as one.

The Chart accompanies a number of indicators and almost 20 drawing tools. There are five chart types (Candlestick, Scatter, Spline, Ohlc, and Line) to browse, and chart syncs with the versatile adaptation. Like the actual platform, the chart is likewise adaptable. Trading while using tools is a breeze, and I truly like the asset chart analysis segment, which shows related info and trade signals. My account supervisor, Daniel Stern, helped me a lot in deciding which trades I should opt for.

Ease of use – SCORE 89%:

CVMarkets gives an all-inclusive platform insight and is again my top pick for the Ease-of-Use classification. The client experience across platforms and devices is reliable, and modified chart and watch accounts consequently save and sync with the device.

With everything taken into account, the incredible effort can be seen all through. For instance, in CVMarkets, the trade ticket accompanies progressed alternatives, for example, the capacity to switch between forex CFDs, futures, advances, or forex choices. Additionally, the Quick Trade choice permits you to set value capacity to bear slippage when you need prompt fills.

Advances Tools – SCORE 90%:

For risk management purposes, there is an account value shield highlight that allows you to determine the greatest risk across your account balance, which, whenever set off, will endeavor to close all open situations (aside from securities and shared assets). There are likewise in any event a number of progressed algorithmic order types accessible for different upheld markets.

Education – SCORE 82%

CVMarkets gives an assorted choice of value instructive materials in both eBook, asset index, and glossary format. Generally speaking, the extent of instructive assets accessible at CVMarkets is over the business normal and tantamount to class pioneers. But I believe that eBooks can be improved and increased in number. The new trader would definitely be able to take advantage of it. But traders like me who have some experience want a little more than the eBooks available in the category presently.  I think if they only refreshed their eBook section timely for all traders then it would be beneficial for all.

Other than that, the webinars that are available either with complete access, weekly or monthly are a great way to learn about the market and the trading strategies and techniques. Glossary is an amazing way for a new trader to learn the terminology used in the trading world. The Glossary is usable by all traders’ types as even I still use it despite having some experience. Every now and then I have to look up a term and learn its meaning.

Exploration chart – SCORE 85%:

CVMarkets offers a rich, distinct examination offering across its numerous assets and platform. The examination comprises different kinds of substance designs (eBooks, webinars, digital accountings) from in-house experts who distribute refreshes every day through CVMarkets’s Market Analysis area. There are news features gushing from Dow Jones, NewsEdge, and RanSquawk.

Customer Service: 93%

The customer was an amazing experience. They offer telephone, live chat, and even the email option. I prefer the live chat and the email option because I shy away from talking to people on a phone call. While chatting the representatives are very fast to respond which is an added bonus to the ordeal. This platform has very educated and trained representatives so they can always be ready to help out the members.  I am very content with their services as I always get a very fast solution for my concerns.

Last Thoughts

CVMarkets is my profoundly trusted broker, a worldwide brand that gets what trading is. Not only is the customer experience always a delight for me, yet it is additionally rich with cutting edge tools and quality statistical surveying. CVMarkets likewise works effectively in bringing together its work area. CVMarkets checks off everything that I was looking for in a platform, that is, education center, security, account types, and even the chart. The tools are exceptional, and some are not even available on other platforms.

Generally speaking, in the event that you can bear the cost of the base deposit, CVMarkets gives a total bundle worth being a client for. In the event that your deposit necessity requirement is low then CVMarkets has put special effort into creating multiple account types to accommodate your rate, I suggest looking at the CVMarkets site and getting to know that platform a little. Overall, I would this platform is a complete package.

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