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In the event that trading costs matter to you, the SecuredVC forex trading platform has you covered. Since I have been a member of this platform for years now, the SecuredVC trading platform has been best in all features in this classification, because of its low spread contribution, which is accessible to all its client segments and account types. Being a member of this platform for some years, I have learned about this broker and I realized that I was very lucky to have crossed paths with SecuredVC. This platform saved me from a lot of losses and put me on a path of earning consistent profit with the help of various factors that this platform excels in like education, tools, charts, and the account manager. There are a lot of things that I will go through to give you a proper in-depth review on SecuredVC. And in the end, I will reveal my honest thoughts on this platform as well.

First, according to my experience, I will give some rates to the feature that SecuredVC offers. I will then explain in detail why I gave such a rating whether good or bad for your clarity.

  •       Tools: 8/10
  •       Client Care: 9.1/10
  •       Platform Execution: 8/10
  •       User-Friendly Interface: 8.2/10
  •       Chart: 8.5/10
  •       Education Center: 7.5/10
  •       Online Courses: 8/10

Progressed Tools SecuredVC likewise offers a one-of-a-kind arrangement of protected tools. These tools helped me control inborn risks related to my trade execution, including slippage and market gap situations. No doubt, these tools are amazing upgrades for experienced traders, and why SecuredVC won the honor for Best MetaTrader Broker in 2020. The tools are important factors to look forward to when searching for a good forex trading platform.

That is because whenever I tried to make a trade without the knowledge of the market or not knowing anything about that particular asset it would then lead me to make a huge loss deal. But with tools and exactly how to use them, I was able to make a proper analysis of my trades and that helped me make predictable profits on all my trades. I could invest great money in my trade with my proper analysis and get a high profit too.

Client care  To score Customer Service, cooperated with client experience research group Customerwise to lead telephone tests from areas all through the United Kingdom and Australia. The phone line is available from Monday to Friday 09:00-13:00 GMT. I love the fact that this platform provides the ease to converse with them via live chat. I am a very shy person and often hesitant to speak on the phone, so the live chat option was perfect for me. What surprised me, even more, was that representatives on live chat services were available 24/7. Then there is an option to email the platform and that sometimes takes considerable time to respond due to heavy traffic of email from clients. That does not mean the email service doesn’t respond, they most certainly do only the responding time is a little delayed. While the telephone and live chat service stay top-notch and readily available at all times.


  •     Live Chat/Telephone connection time: <1 minute
  •     Average Net Promoter Score: 8.1/10
  •     Professionalism Score: 9.2/10
  •     Overall Score: 9.1/10

Platform Execution SecuredVC offers affordable pricing that can be accessible to all traders, with ordinary spreads of 0.74 pips on the EUR/USD, as indicated by SecuredVC value information.

The SecuredVC trading platform is quick, dependable, and comes stuffed with tools and highlights, making it a market leader that will intrigue even the pickiest of traders. I found that this year the platform is focusing on adding some extra layers of security along with more tools and charting options. Over the execution of the platform has been very fast for me and all my transactions have been super quick.

Platform convenience During my testing, I was amazingly dazzled with the platform’s layout, which centers around speed and ease of use. For instance, the format wizard allows you to pick between drifting or fixed windows, notwithstanding pre-characterized designs or a custom arrangement. For instance, module connecting is upheld with five levels tone-coded, which helps save time while clicking a watch list symbol and seeing the related chart update to that tool.

The coloring of everything from the main page to the indicator in the chart to the chart itself has been very well put together. The reason I am pointing this out is that I have experienced some charts in other platforms that have a dark color scheme and the same color tones of chart tools so while using the tools on the chart the colors seem to blend, and I was not able to analyze my trade effectively. SecuredVC has made sure the color scheme is bright and easily recognizable when contrasted between the tools and the chart. Now I can effectively analyze my trades.

Other than that, the platform is designed in a manner that no trader can get confused or lost. There are not many complicated pages or options for the user to get perplexed with. The broker is very user friendly and engaging.

Chart When it comes to charts, the SecuredVC’s experience is very rich. There are specialized pointers and studies, drawing tools, and candle designs (including chart designs) that are effectively connectable. One component that stands apart from the chart experience is the Breakout and Emerging Patterns tools, which are ordered and positioned by their signal strength likelihood. These chart designs auto-change when the chart timescale is changed, empowering traders to filter from a one-minute chart to a month-to-month chart and see any separate examples distinguished.

The chart is so versatile and completely customizable that I felt a personal connection to my chart while analyzing my trades. Charts are supposed to be very innovative yet easy to use for new traders. Hence the platform has put in the effort to make sure the chart and tools are easy to navigate. I am very appreciative of how easy it has become to analyze my trades and make sure that they are profit-driven with the help of the innovative chart and tools.

Robotized trading: Although progressed order types, for example, the Boundary Order, are accessible to help traders set a deviation boundary (e.g., limit expected slippage), the SecuredVC platform doesn’t include the capacity to run mechanized trading techniques. All things considered, despite the fact that design acknowledgment and social-trading tools are accessible, brokers searching for mechanized trading can pick the SecuredVC platform, despite the fact that it is restricted to a lot more modest item range.

Education Material

With regards to education, SecuredVC rivals the best in the business by offering forex and CFD traders an assorted base of training in an assortment of arrangements, including composed articles, glossary, webinars, and live online courses, economic calendar, etc. Composed substance: Between the forex trading essentials and related articles, alongside cutting-edge procedure aides and substance about digital money trading, I tallied that there are a number of eBooks available. Education is fundamental for the new traders.

It is almost impossible to make profitable trades without having knowledge about the trading world. It is not a simple task to just pick an asset and invest in it. It requires strategic techniques and some analysis due to which to know that having the proper education regarding trading is very important not only for new traders but also for the experienced trader. This is the reason SecuredVC has recognized the issue and has made an amazing assortment of education centers that incorporates eBooks, glossary, FAQ, and an asset index. These segments will help the trader to absorb some useful information and apply them to their trades.

When I started trading with the platform, I took advantage of the education center to the best of my ability, and due to the great arrangement of eBooks, I learned a lot of helpful material and started making better trade analysis and profits as well. In my opinion, education is important and SecuredVC has made a good effort in this regard.

Online Courses SecuredVC has a decent base of online classes (webinars) over time from workplaces in Australia and the UK, driven by in-house analysts and account supervisors who help the member either weekly or monthly depending on the member’s account type. Online courses are helpful in the sense that the traders get an encounter with the live market and what new strategies they can adapt to make better profits.

Opportunity to get better: SecuredVC has a solid establishment for its instructive substance; nonetheless, there is an opportunity to get better. For instance, by adding tests and progress following, and incorporating all the materials in a single spot, SecuredVC offering would better rival IG or AvaTrade.

Last Thoughts

With affordable pricing and a number of innovative tools to browse across practically every market and asset class, SecuredVC has been my greatest decision for worldwide forex and CFD trading. Moreover, the SecuredVC platform is incredible and adaptable, with a lot of setup alternatives and tools for dealers to modify the platform to address their issues. In 2021, the platform has been trying to incorporate more tools and charting options, and hence that automatically helps with improving trade analysis and profit predictability.

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