London-Gates Review 2021 – Can you trust this brokerage company?

As a trader, you seek reliability while selecting a trading platform. This is probably the foremost requirement of any trader or investor. They need to be able to ensure that their trade operations will be well protected by the platform. I have had my fair share of experiences with trading platforms. So, I am well aware of the scam servers out there. These servers are the reason that online trading platforms have a bad reputation. Traders are apprehensive of hacking along with other violations. Even though hacking was one thing that I had the fortune of never coming across during my trading experiences, I still managed to lose my data on temporary servers not optimized for long-term.

The whole point of the matter is that web-based servers are just as prone to market law violations. This is why they need to have just as stringent policies for their clients. I was looking for a trading platform that had already established a considerable reputation in the marketing world.  London-Gates was one forex trading platform that always managed to come up in my research. It is well established that the platform is looking to establish itself as a leader in the industry. While there are many online brokerage companies and the competition is really tough, London-Gates still manages to stand out from the crowd.

My review will help you evaluate its features and make a choice based on a detailed account. This will not only direct you towards successful trading but it will also associate you with a platform you can rely on.

First Impression

This online forex broker provides a web-based platform that you can easily access from any device with a stable internet connection. Although I do appreciate the fact that they have optimized their servers to fit all mobile devices. I have been able to access this platform from both my laptop as well as my mobile. In the beginning, I was apprehensive of trading from an unsecured network, however, once I went through the security modules of the platform, I was at ease.

The home page is designed to welcome all types of traders. You will notice that every service operation for effective trading is neatly listed. There is no clutter on the main page itself. They have left enough room for you to access pop-information which can be really appealing to first time traders. Considering how highly equipped the platform is with regard to their lightning-fast order execution, unparalleled support and next-generation technology, I did not expect it to be so accommodating to newbies. However, they have made sure that every information is relayed in a straightforward and simple manner. In this way, traders of all types are able to grasp it.

The tutorial video that welcomes you to the platform is a smart move. It helps grasp the attention of the potential client or anyone who visits the platform. Other than that, I was in awe of the colour scheme. The previous trading platforms that I had used had darker colour schemes which made for an unpleasing trading environment. I found this brighter outlook to be a whole lot more appealing. This welcoming interface will help engage clients more.

Well-directed Interface

The lighter theme of the platform makes for a brighter outlook, one that you will enjoy surfing through. There have been times when I have gotten lost navigating through trading platforms. This is because most trading platforms seek to impress their clients with high-end technological features that clutter the main page. It can be almost impossible to find your way back to the main page. I like that this platform has made sure that traders do not have to face certain issues that will just waste their time.

There are dynamic features that are integrated into the graphics. The simplicity with which they have managed to introduce clients to their key features such as account types, representatives, deposit and withdrawal directives, assets and other resources. While beginner traders will find ease navigating their way through, I believe instructive tools would really help those trying out trading for the first time. The advanced tools on this platform lack proper directives for operation. So, if you aren’t an experienced trader, you might find yourself a little lost at times.

Solid Legal Backbone

Before I move on to their service operations, I would like to give you an overview of their legal framework. This was one section that I evaluated first hand based on experience and knowledge. I admire the fact that they have ensured transparency in all regard with respect to their security policies. If you are ever in doubt, you can access the Legal section of the platform and overview the information for yourself.

Most traders like me look to overview the legalities of a trading platform before making an account on it. I like to be aware of the legal implications before sharing sensitive information on a web-based server. Only then do I sign up to make an account. So, when traders complain of long registration processes, it is imperative for them to understand that these regulations are necessary. It is because of this documentation record that you will find that your registration process on this account will take some time to process.

The legal documentation includes the Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Bonus Policy, Risk Disclosure Statement, Anti-money Laundering and KYC and Withdrawal, Refund and Cancellation policy. You will be surprised how essential all these guidelines are in ensuring premium trading conditions on this platform. The fact that every information is just as easily available for clients to access is what makes this platform incredible.

Education Center

This is one section I never miss out whenever I try out a trading platform. As a trader, I am always looking to learn and better my strategies. I know that the investments I make are only as good as the current condition of the market. This is why I need to develop the foresight to make a better prediction which will help make my decisions prove fruitful. All in all, in order to enhance your portfolio, you need to better your chances to make considerable profits.

If you are wondering how an education centre helps, you will be surprised by the resources offered by trading platforms. London-Gates has upped the ante on that account as well. This forex trading platform has categorized its resources. Not only that, I was elated when I realized that they offer all these resources for free. There are trading platforms that profit on these resources by implementing a certain fee on them.

London-Gates has a wide variety of eBooks that contain information essential for both expert and beginner traders. However, I did notice that the content was not refreshed over time. At first, I thought it was related to limited account access, however, the content was still the same on complete access accounts. After I went through all of the reading material, I started looking forward to the webinars. It is because of them that I decided to upgrade my account to get better access. Even though these webinars that are hosted by the platform are really helpful, I still look forward to more eBooks on display in London-gate’s education centre. I really like their display library. They manage to enlist a short synopsis of the book itself which I found to be a really thoughtful design.

eBooks are not the resources in this education centre. You also have the option to go through the glossary, asset index and FAQs. The rest of them have pretty standardized features. I was hoping for more innovation with respect to display but the design itself is pretty mundane. The fact of the matter remains the same here as well for no information is upgraded over time. The market is ever-changing, and I am hoping the platform does more to cater to their inquisitive clients.

Customer Service

I have had a good experience with the customer care representatives of this trading platform. I was really amazed by their knowledge and expertise. Not only that, they direct the flow of traffic really well.  What impressed me the most has got to be the way they categorize queries. This makes was a more efficient means of communication. When it comes to communication, London-Gates offers a series of ways for clients to contact them. This includes the options for phone call, live chat and email. I was glad to know that all the representatives of the customer service are also brokers themselves and have immense knowledge about trading. Michael Collins was one of the brokers that helped me establish a firm footing within this platform. Even though he had a number of other clients, he made sure to give me time after realizing that I was new to the platform.

The way this platform handles its customers says a lot about them. They convey the message of dependability well. My broker Michael did not only help me register, but he also helped me find my way through the platform and become well aware of the services at hand. I always look for platforms that are client-oriented and this one seems to fit the bill.

Last Comments

You will be surprised at how many online trading platforms are present in today’s market. London-Gates has set the bar quite high. Be it their advanced tools or their exceptional customer care service, it is difficult to match up to the standards this platform has set in today’s market. I believe traders of all types will be able to make the most of this platform. There is a range of account packages available. The platform has 5 account types. You can select the self-managed account for a trial run and experience the incredible features of this platform for yourself. It has a minimum deposit of $250, which I found to be very reasonable.

So, assess your trade requirements before selecting a trading platform signing up. Every trader buys and sells at different rates and is looking for specific features. One thing is for certain, this trading platform can impress the hell out of any trader.

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