365TradingFX Review 2021- Reliable or Not? Find Out In My Review!

  • Review:3/5.
  • Owned and Operated by:
  • Assets: 200+ (Crypto, Stocks, Commodities, Indices, and Forex.
  • Chart Types: OHLC, Spline, Scatter, Line, etc.
  • Security: Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Bonus Policy, Risk Disclosure Statement, AML, Withdrawal, Refund & Cancellation Policy, KYC.

Despite online trading platforms being so user-friendly, they have a major setback to it. With the availability of such a wide variety of options to trade, you are more likely to succumb to scam servers. It is highly appropriate for traders like me to be concerned about my assets and ventures, and therefore, we can only have their access to trustable representatives. As per the reliability that it claims to be, is this broker actually reliable, and whether is it worth risking for investing in this platform? Is this broker trustworthy?

The entire purpose of my review is to answer these questions based on my personal experience with this broker so that you have nothing to be worried about.

365tradingfx has gathered a vast customer base and has also received many awards since the time of its origin. When I had the initial look on the platform, it gave off a fairly decent impression with quite amazing execution, assets, and administration.

365tradingFx’s Security Management

One should always be very vigilant regarding the security regulations of a platform before signing up. I learned this the hard way though because when starting off; I did not pay enough attention to this aspect. What security regulation? It basically is a confirmation that the broker that you’re dealing with follows strict policies and that it has the regulation set in place to be an authentic dealer. After researching and finding out about how 365tradingfx was the one, I was satisfied enough to proceed with them further.

Trading Choices Presented by 365tradingfx

365tradingfx gives complete access to cryptocurrency, indices, stocks, forex, and commodities.

All about 365tradingfx Online Trading Platform

What intrigued me the most was how I could easily trade from my browser rather than installing any software for it. The website comes in English, giving an appropriate overview of information. I could trade with the least number of spreads, and over 200 trading instruments were made accessible to me. What drew my attention the most was the easy-to-use interface of the website and its straightforwardness.

The platform is user-friendly and has great indicators. Along with this, the rapid dealing of capital with no inconvenience makes it a great platform for beginners.

The charts and current market are easily found on the main page of the interface where you can zoom in on the charts to full screen to analyze them. You can find the tradable assets and the account balance on the left side of the screen. You can locate the tradable assets by clicking on the search option.

I believe that 365tradingfx has successfully made use of the experience that it has gained over the years and has improved its charting to a great extent. A variety of data was offered to me regarding each asset along with some news and indicators. These helped in making my trading experience worthwhile.

The Benefits of 365tradingfx

  • User friendly.
  • A convenient approach to the most recent news, signal, and market data.
  • Appropriate for traders of all levels.
  • Professional and upgraded charting.
  • Multiple trading options.

Effective charting and analysis

Their efficient charting methodologies helped me understand the advancement of my selected assets while keeping me well informed of the market prices. They offer wide-scale charting for every asset and I could observe charts on a full-screen mode as well. They also have free indicators along with drawing tools. Overall, efficient chart analysis is an extremely significant tool for successful trading.

365tradingfx’s simple and easy-to-understand style of charting is what sets it apart from other trading brokers. I observed that all the tools and indicators that are made available on the platform are easily accessible. Not only this, but I also could adjust many things in simple means according to my trading technique. It would be correct to say that this had made it a lot easier for me to trade.

Ways to trade on 365tradingfx

To excel in the trading business, I wanted to be well aware of how to trade and how trading works. Trading is not luck-based, and I had to put in an effort to understand the dynamics of it. I wanted to have a good understanding that the market is tough in every way. Well, I didn’t need to worry because 365fx had me covered. It has a beginner-friendly account type that is fun to learn and explore. I could also move in the way you like by changing the settings. Sometimes it felt like the market was moving fast, but the representative and the account manager helped me stay focused and cleared away any confusion I had.

The first step is to figure out what type of market you want to trade-in. Next up is selecting the security deposit or the amount you want to trade-in. The multiplier is totally customizable and has various choices to offer. After this, you need to check for any likely trading chances and then secure the entire situation with a stop loss and take benefit. Before every trade, the commission that is charged will be made visible to the trader.


  1.     Select a market to trade with.
  2.   Set a trading cost.
  3.   Customizable and optional multiplier.
  4.   Go through the trading expenses.
  5.   Check stop loss and take benefit.
  6.   Invest in the rising and falling costs.

Instructions to keep in mind while signing up.

The procedure of creating an account on 365tradingfx is simple and rapid. For this, all I had to give was my personal email address and then set a password that would safeguard my account. Once I signed up, in a short while I received a confirmation email. I could select my account type as soon as I confirmed the account, and then I had complete access to the services that the platform offers.

Speaking from my personal experience, upon registering my account I selected the basic account. To try this on, I deposited the least amount of money that I could deposit, and I believe that this is what everyone should do. What I believe is very important is that before you trade any amount, completely register your account, and confirm it. While the registration is made easy for anyone to trade immediately, I felt like the process of registration was made longer to make sure the security to each account remained intact. For some it can be annoying while I think it is extremely necessary.

All about the process of deposit and withdrawal.

The entire process of depositing and withdrawing is equally easy as the opening of your account. When I was going through this, I deposited the payment through multiple methods and three different techniques for the withdrawal. The brokers handled the payment smoothly. What was highly impressive for me was the fact that the base deposit had absolutely no extra charges.

My assets were almost instantly processed with a free cost deposit. The time taken to process the assets depends on the method used, but 365tradingfx takes fewer than 3 days. One factor that I think proves as a drawback is that PayPal is not considered as a method to deposit the payments.

Methods for Payment Deposits.

MasterCard, Bank Transfer, and Maestro are the payment methods that are available at 365tradingfc.


365tradingfx is looked upon as one of the trading platforms that are economical for potential traders. What I liked about the platform was that it does not include any sort of hidden charges and thus has nothing but transparency to offer to its clients. This is one impressive quality of a trading platform. They charge nothing on the deposition of fee or on account management services.

Although some charges are made on the withdrawal of payment that merely depends on the method of the payment and is usually very low. Commissions per trade starting from 0.001% are through which the platform earns. What I want you to keep in mind here is that 365tradingfx is a CFD platform, so they are leveraged assets.

Customer Service that 365tradingfx offers

The most important thing for me as a broker is good customer service, and this is exactly what this platform is proficient at. I go for platforms that are convenient to contact if I face any problem, and I analyze this in a detailed way when opting for my platform. Safe to say that 365tradingfx is one platform that puts great emphasis on this. They work 5 days a week and the entire day and facilitate you in every way. You can contact them through telephone, email, and last, live chat.

  • Phone: Australia +61261886528, Canada +15197142793, UK +441706577418.
  • Support: Phone, Live Chat, Form, and Email.
  • Email:support@365tradingfx.com
  • Languages:

Following factors are what I have observed of 35tradingfx’s customer service:

  • Availability throughout the day (24hrs.
  • Communicating through English only.
  • Highly informative web seminars.
  • Reliable and authentic help.

365tradingfx- Legit or a Scam?

Compared to other CFD representatives, 365tradingfx comes with several more offerings to the traders. First up, the amount of security that they offer is commendable. Accessibility to over 200 assets is given that includes diverse cryptocurrencies. I believe that the set of indices could be increased along with the dialects provided.

Transparency regarding charging is guaranteed. Absolutely no charges are made for the deposition of payment or managing of account. The withdrawal charges are as low as they could be. Simplicity in all its dealings, yet a highly professional platform to exist. As per my experience, their design, low costs, and customer services impressed me the most. Them being reliable is what I am sure of. I will for sure continue to trade with this platform as I have been doing so for the past 1 year.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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