The Investment Center Review 2021– Is this platform an excellent solution to trading problems for investors?

By now, we’ve all realized that online trading has wholly taken over the planet. Trading has never been easier than it is now, thanks to the internet. However, it comes with several risky elements, making many traders wary of investing online. Every problem, it is said, has a solution, and this one does as well.

This problem has several comprehensive but straightforward solutions. When I first started trading, I was afraid of being scammed, but then I began researching and questioning various brokers. The mixed feedback provided by different representatives of respective platforms assists me greatly in assessing a broker. Finally, after investigating and researching several brokers, I came across The Investment Center.

I was unemployed for over a year, and I wanted to explore the trading world at that time. And I am glad for this purpose I came across this platform. Throughout my exploration, I discovered some pretty good features of this platform that I found myself hooked onto when it comes to trading. These fantastic tools and features made my trading experience a lot more enjoyable, which is why I felt compelled to write a review for this broker.

Before I get into the depth of this review, I want to leave an overview of this platform that sums up pretty much every aspect of this broker. This way, it is easier for any new trader to quickly look into what this platform has to offer and to what degree.


Trading Platform:  7.7 /10

Education center- 6.8 /10

Account Types:  8.1 /10

Costs:  8.3 /10

Customer Support: 9.4 /10

General Information about the Platform:

The Investment Center is a long-established broker that has recently undergone a makeover. The broker provides a broad range of trading services, emphasizing Forex and CFDs. I realized that its headquarters are in the United Kingdom, precisely at 71 High Holborn in London. It isn’t based in an offshore area, which lends it credibility right away.

I believe that The Investment Center is unquestionably a company with a lot of experience. Similar businesses often fall behind when they neglect to upgrade their offerings, but this broker made sure not to make the same mistake. It has undergone a near-total renovation, with the few portions of its operation that were outdated being brought up to date. As things stand, the platform appears to be ready to make a splash and establish itself as a top dog.

The Investment Center’s website is unquestionably a valuable asset in establishing itself as one of the market’s top brokers. After all, first impressions count, and in my opinion, making a disappointing website is a surefire way to lose customers. As a result, the broker’s best qualities are conveyed through the site’s simple, professional, and exceptional layout. Furthermore, it functions without stuttering or delays, reflecting the broker’s modern transformation.

But, perhaps most importantly, the broker designed its website with openness in mind. All of the information I need is right there, and I don’t have to sift through pages and papers to find it. Let’s take a look at what else the platform has to offer to its traders:


To me, a Platform’s education program stands out as a feature that can be extremely useful to both new and seasoned traders. The reason for newcomers like myself is self-evident: I can learn, develop my skill set, and become more professional and a confident trader. The asset index and glossary, I think, will be helpful to those who have been doing this for a while.

It’s difficult to recall all of the various trading technical terms, and some can slip your mind. So, I feel like it’s very convenient to have a reminder that I can reach by simply pressing a few buttons. However, after spending some time on the platform, I felt like there isn’t much educational material available for those who have become advanced users. After spending few months as a beginner then finding myself in a position to be called a skilled trader, I felt the need to have more educational material on the platform.


Transparency in funding is an essential aspect of modern online trading platforms. It’s critical to know that the money I use to finance my trading gets its total value, mainly if I am using a specific trading strategy. Most day trading strategies, for example, rely on a large number of small trades executed over a short period. Fees added to any of those smaller transactions could obliterate any chance of winning, rendering a potentially viable strategy useless. As a result, commission-free brokerages, such as The Investment Center, are essential.

The platform provides different methods to make the transactions. The methods include Maestro, MasterCard, Bitcoin, and bank wire. However, they do not have the option for PayPal. But I feel like having the opportunity to use Bitcoin as a mode of payment is a significant step taken by this platform, as many platforms have not done this so.


A healthy range of trading items is an essential component of any good trading platform. As a result, the companies will appeal to a wide range of traders, meaning that there is enough for everybody. It also made my portfolio diversification much easier to manage, as a larger pool of options contributes to higher quality choices. The Investment Center has more than enough to satisfy most traders, with five big categories and over 200 assets.

Funds Trading And Security 

Security is probably the most important thing to look for when looking for a new brokerage, apart from the exact trading requirements. After all, what good is it to make millions of dollars if I can’t get my hands on any of it?

With more traders flocking in, safety has become even more critical, leading to a rise in scams. Fortunately, there are a few leading indicators that any trader should look for to ensure their safety. In the case of The Investment Center, I investigated the platform, and now I find myself able to share my discoveries.

Fortunately, there isn’t something belittling to say about the broker’s security steps. It took the usual precaution of using SSL encryption technology to secure traders. That means all of the information I enter is scrambled, ensuring my payment and personal data security.

Following that, I took a look at some somewhat more personal information that nevertheless acts as detailed security steps. The platform’s office, for example, is located in the United Kingdom, which is a much safer location than traditional offshore destinations. The platform only offers two dialects i-e English and German, which I felt are a bit restricted. I have many friends who would have found this platform very interesting only if offering some other languages.

Furthermore, the broker’s website demonstrates a high level of accountability, implying trust and confidence in its level of operation. Rather than allowing consumers to make their own decisions, malicious companies prefer to conceal information and behave as a trap.

Trading Accounts

The Investment Center’s account setup works well with the rest of the company’s services to provide a high-quality experience for investors of all sizes. The cheapest version starts at $250, but the quality far outweighs the cost. The conditions I got were well above average for the investment, and they only get better as I made progress.

  • Silver Account – A minimum deposit of USD 250 is needed to open this account. It is ideal for beginners because it provides up to 200 tradable assets and a business overview.
  • Gold Account – This account is ideal for traders at the intermediate stage. The first deposit is set at USD 20,000. It provides trade room research and risk management preparation at the level 3 stage.
  • Platinum Account – The initial investment is $50,000. Platinum spreads, a dedicated senior account manager, special venture promotions, financial planning, and much more are available to traders.
  • VIP – Only an invitation is needed to open a VIP account. It includes all possible instruments as well as VIP-only features.

On the other hand, additional investments aren’t needed if I wanted to have a fun trading experience. I believe I was potentially delighted with the cheapest account when I started my venture with this platform. Each account needs an investment rather than a fee, so I could simply finance my trading habits to upgrade. The best part is that I won’t lose any money on the account because I will be trading with the money I saved.

My Conclusion of this platform:

The Investment Center has undergone a promising transformation and is poised to take the online trading environment by storm. The excellent conditions, customer service, security, and variety combine to create an experience that few could be disappointed with. It also demonstrates a desire to change, implying that it will grow much more in the future.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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