Things one must know about divorce


We say marriages are made in heaven. Yes, that’s right. Every marriage has its flaws and strengths. Marriage tends to be a successful one when there is an equal amount of trust, proper communication from each side, a sense of reliability, and all above adjustment and compromise should be there. The letter “I” should be replaced with the word “Us.” Not to take the co-partner for granted and to take marriage as a responsibility. It’s a pure institution that is followed by all religions. There are arguments and heats in every marriage, but one needs to reduce them so that these don’t become the reason to part ways.

But when the level reaches its capacity, it is best to break and move apart. Here break is for relationships, but divorce is the term used against marriages. The reasons and factors of divorce are many. It could be due to cheating, abuse, sexual harassment for some silly reasons. When we say divorce the first click that comes to our mind is about the female counterparts. Thinking how difficult it will be for them, what they must have gone through, how their future will be, and numerous other thoughts. But we never think of men. The different types of divorce for men and women are listed below:-

  • Uncontested Divorce:- In this type, both husband and wife come on the front line and settle all the issues regarding alimony, child custody, visitation, distribution of property. After settling, it takes the form of a hard copy which the Property Settlement Agreement. This type of divorce just reduces stress. The couple can file a “Sworn statement” with the court clerk and eliminate the court.


  • Default Divorce:- It occurs when one copartner files for this and the other half doesn’t respond. Knowing the fact, the spouse hasn’t participated, complied with the court rules and laws the divorce is granted.


  • Contested Divorce:- When the couple can’t decide over the matters they have too, then it goes into the hands of the judge. The judge takes decisions regarding matters of custody, alimony. These are the most time consuming, expensive, and stressful.


  • Fault and No-Fault Divorce:- Here the State laws had set some reasons for divorce. If the couple files the petition for that reason and blames it on the spouse then divorce is granted. However, now every court offers some form of no-fault too. Here the couple can simply say that they are filing this because of irreconcilable differences. But they need to settle all other matters.


  • Mediated Divorce:- Here a mediator sits down with the couple and tries to resolve the issues between them, not taking decisions but rather provides guidance. This ends with the preparation of the property settlement agreement.


It should be noted that divorce is as bad as for a male counterpart too. This puts them in grief, of separation from their children, their loved ones, the molding relationships. This even leads to financial pressure on them, especially the men, distribution of properties and so much more. Divorce for men and women isn’t easy since there’s so much pressure at the end.

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