Save the Environment: 5 Reasons Why You Need an Environmental Lawyer

Be down to earth. You’re a business that relies on natural resources. You want to develop on new land, or you want to use a body of water. You can’t go into the land or water by yourself.

You need help. An environmental lawyer will facilitate your use of natural resources. Yet many companies remain unconvinced of how useful an environmental lawyer can be.

Here are five reasons why you need an environmental lawyer.

  1. Laws Are Always Changing

Environmental laws are rarely the same from year to year. The Trump administration changed nearly 100 environmental laws in four years. The incoming Biden administration plans to pass dozens of laws on the environment.

That’s on the federal level alone. State and local governments are constantly voting in new laws and regulations. These laws affect transportation, buildings, and energy.

It’s hard for you to run your business and stay informed on the law. Environmental lawyers will keep you informed. They will advise you on practices you need to change, and they will give you updates on relevant laws.

  1. You Need Permits

Every business needs a permit in order to operate. You need a permit to operate out of an office space. Your office needs to meet codes on sustainability, energy use, and environmental safety.

If you want to build a new facility, you need a construction permit. You need to show how you are not hurting natural resources. If you are using hazardous material, you need to show how you are handling that material.

An environmental lawyer will help you get your permits. They will talk to regulatory agencies and represent you in hearings.

  1. Being Green-Friendly Is Good Business

People want to shop from businesses that are environmentally friendly. More than fifty percent of customers will pay a higher price for an environmentally friendly product.

Working with an environmental lawyer is good for public relations. Have an attorney write blog posts on your website about sustainable practices. Co-sponsor events with their law firm.

  1. You Can Network Through an Environmental Lawyer

An attorney offers more than their own services. An attorney can connect you to important people in your area.

Many attorneys go to school with politicians and businesspeople. They can put in a good word for you with them. Environmental attorneys work with environmental consultants, who can advise you on your business.

  1. You Need Defense

You can get sued at any moment. A member of the public could sue you for pollution. A government audit can lead to a prosecution in federal court.

Environmental lawyers will defend you. Examine the standard services of environmental lawyers on websites like Find an attorney with the most experience possible.

Learn About the Law

The law is for you and your employees. An environmental lawyer will ensure that the law serves your needs. Learn about what they can do for you.

A lawyer informs you about impending regulations. They help you find permits and promote your brand. You can network through them, and you can use them in court.

Remain informed about the law. Follow our coverage for the latest news.

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