Most Popular Bots For Instagram In 2019

In terms of social networks is called bots to “ghost users “, those that are only used to add followers to your profile. After getting followers you can promote your business that’s why these types of bots are called bots for marketing.  Behind them there is usually artificial intelligence that receives orders from programmers to promote a site, or to be sold as followers.

How to recognize them?

  • They begin to follow many accounts in a short time
  • They often repeat publications to the same links, with very few or no original publications
  • They have been blocked by many users
  • Have an avatar that has been used in other accounts or does not have a profile picture
  • They have few followers and interactions
  • They have followers with strange or very remote locations, from countries with different languages

Among the functions that these bots usually execute:

  • Make publications that link to certain websites
  • Make tracking automatic accounts that mention a word or particular tag
  • Follow many accounts so that they track back, increasing the number of followers
  • But it is also known as bots to automation tools in social networks, programs designed to perform different automatic social actions imitating real human interactions.

They are used to get followers. These bots are configured by the user according to the needs of their profile and segmented by specific tags or hashtags.

Once programmed with a specific date and time, they will take care of your account, which generally includes:

Follow and Stop following: The Bot can be configured to follow randomly to a predetermined number of users per minute, betting that they will return the favor and without much effort, it is possible to increase the number of followers

The Bot also stops following every so often a group of these new followed to compensate the number of those who do not follow you back and that your statistics appear more followers than followed

Likes: Bots can automatically give likes by the minute

Make comments, generic texts are configured that make sense with certain types of photos and the Bot publishes them for you as often as you indicate to attract the attention of certain profiles and begin to follow you

The policies and terms of use of Instagram prohibit the use of bots and if their use is detected, you run the risk of your account being deleted or deactivated, despite that today I want to share with you which are the most popular bots in 2019 (list is very changeable, Instagram keeps on hunting bots to eliminate them)


Inflou is a platform that allows you to increase the popularity of your profile thanks to several tools that automate the most important actions in an Instagram profile:

  • Likes in publications
  • Real comments
  • Follow other users

When the service begins to interact with other users the reach of your publications also expands, thus reaching more profiles. This way more people will follow you and you will be able to check through graphs how the popularity of your account increases.

In this example you can see the statistics of a few days in a new account, the control panel that provides the tool indicates the real interaction with other accounts, comments that create engagement and all the activities that Inflou carries out in your account.

The great advantage of this portal is the naturalness and perseverance, creating a set of real actions automatically without putting the profile at risk. You have a free trial and other more complete payment plans.


This Instagram Bot works with specific hashtags with which you want to associate your posts and also likes and tracks profiles and photos with those hashtags. In addition, you can specify comments that the program will add for you in the indicated photos.


This software has the peculiarity of emulating very well the behavior of real users in Instagram, so its programming is difficult to detect. Insta Q maintains private forums, tutorials, useful marketing material and exclusive tools for its affiliates. It is compatible with Mac, Linux and Windows systems.

Among the functions offered to its users:

  • Likes and comments on the post that are indicated
  • Follow and stop following users
  • Send direct messages to your followers
  • Generate hashtags to extend the reach of your post
  • Free trial version

Ability to manage multiple accounts

It is still in development


With Onlypult you not only have an Instagram programming tool, but it is also useful for the management of your social networks because it offers statistical analysis of the interactions of other users with your post.

Onlypult will allow you:

  • Schedule publications
  • Apply filters to your photos
  • Manage up to 40 accounts at a time


This automation program for Instagram stands out for its simplicity. It offers its users the usual tracking features, likes and automatic comments based on hashtags. But it also has tutorials available in several languages and an online customer service that is very easy to consult. It is easy to configure. Offers several packages and 3-day free trial Geographical orientation so that you’re automatic interactions and the followers you achieve make sense.


In addition to being an Instagram automation tool, Blue Page Pro is a complete social media marketing application. You can manage not only all of your Instagram accounts but also the ones you have on the main social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube. It offers traffic statistics and a list of potential customers.


In addition to publish and schedule your post will remind you of the publication at the scheduled time. It also works as photo editor software . With Autogrammer you can manage several Instagram accounts at the same time.


This app will allow you to integrate your Instagram posts with WordPress sites , since you can publish images and videos created automatically on Instagram and then make the publication in WordPress.

Among its features are:

  • Schedule publications
  • Handling multiple Instagram accounts
  • Massive image publishing
  • Hashtags filter
  • To comment.

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