Is Divorce Worth It? 5 Eye-Opening Stories That Will Help You Decide

Nobody goes into a marriage planning to get divorced. And yet divorce is a common part of modern society.

This might be, unfortunately, and yet it’s a reality for millions of people across the country.

For many people, going through a divorce is traumatic, while others view it as a source of liberation that brings them great joy. This article takes a look at both sides of the coin. These divorce stories examine the question of whether or not divorce is worth it.

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  1. Escaping an Abusive Marriage

Carol was very young when she met John. In fact, she was only sixteen. She was in high school, and John was the new kid in town.

He was good-looking, so all the popular girls in school were immediately interested and vying for his attention. Including Carol. She had a huge crush on him from the start, and he seemed equally attracted to her.

This made Carol feel special because all her friends wanted him, but John had chosen her.

But this story of their relationship doesn’t have a happy ending. Because from the very beginning, John was possessive and jealous. This led to psychological and emotional abuse from the moment they started dating.

John would force himself on her sexually, even when Carol wasn’t in the mood for sex. And he would demand to know where she was every moment of the day. He didn’t even like her spending time with her friends.

Carol tried to break up with him. This didn’t sit well with John. At first, he threatened to kill himself if she dumped him. But those threats quickly turned my darker when he started threatening to find and kill her if she decided to break things off. Carol was super sweet and wanted to avoid confrontation at any cost, so she abandoned her deep desire to be free of him.

Eventually, they married. Carol hoped this would change him once he realized that she was his wife. But nothing she did ever seemed to help. In fact, it seemed to make things worse. His jealousy intensified. He would beat her, sending her to the emergency room on multiple occasions.

They had four children together, and John was abusive to them as well. But she was afraid to divorce him because she didn’t want him to have visitation rights.

Then one night, John attacked Carol in front of the kids, and when their daughter tried to protect her, John attacked the daughter as well. This was the last straw.

Carol got a protective order and filed for divorce. Now she was alone and scared, and yet she felt free and truly happy for the first time in her adult life. For her, divorce was the right choice, and it gave her the chance to live her best life.

  1. The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

Bill and Janet met in high school and married young. They were best friends, though slightly naive about the harsh realities of the world.

They were both raised in conservative families. Plus they were both virgins when they married. Because of this, they never had the chance to explore and find out who they were before committing to a lifetime of marriage.

Their marriage lacked physical intimacy because they each had different views on sex. This quickly took a toll on their relationship. Bill wanted more, and Janet wasn’t prepared to be the kind of woman he needed.

They were married for twenty years, and it was a pretty miserable experience. They worked hard to keep things together, but they were very different people.

Eventually, Bill met another woman, and there were immediate fireworks between them. The sex was amazing and they seemed to have everything in common. This caused his marriage to implode. The divorce was painful, and yet it also caused a certain amount of relief for both Bill and Janet.

His new relationship didn’t last long. Why? Well, it turned out that his lover was addicted to the excitement of the affair but had no tolerance for an actual relationship.

  1. Growing Apart

It’s hard to really know someone. After all, most people only let you see the parts of them that they want the world to see.

Unfortunately, it’s very easy for two people to grow apart, especially when they marry young and remain married for decades.

Such was the case with David and Naomi. They married in their later twenties, but their careers kept them from spending enough time together to keep their relationship strong.

They grew apart. And the more time they spent apart, the easier it became to find themself in intimate moments with other people. When the divorce finally happened, both of them were more relieved than sad.

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  1. Finding Each Other All Over Again

Life isn’t easy. It can take a toll on even the strongest marriage.

Mike and Daphne were truly in love when they tied the knot. They were best friends and the sex was great. They loved to laugh and took tons of vacations again. But the years pulled them apart, and they each decided they might be happier apart.

It was truly sad when they divorced. The end of the relationship didn’t provide the relief they’d hoped for. They both married other people and divorced a second time. Then years later, they ran into each other on the sidewalk, went on a date, and fell in love all over again. In other words, sometimes you have to get divorced to find out how much you truly love each other.

  1. What it Means to Be Loved

Ellen was nearly forty before she got married. She’d never been in love before and thought perhaps marriage was the answer. But that turned out not to be the case.

She definitely wasn’t any happier being married than single. So she got divorced and realized how much she enjoyed the solitude and freedom of her lifestyle.

Stories that Look at Whether Or Not Divorce is Worth It

When it comes to relationships, it’s important to understand that everyone is different. Marriage isn’t easy, and it’s not for everyone. But divorce won’t always solve your problems, thus only you can decide whether or not divorce is worth it.

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