How to Create an Effective Law Firm Marketing Strategy

You’ve probably spent a lot of time planning on how to start your law firm. As you prepare your strategy, you dream of helping your clients fight their cases. You dream of changing their lives through your law firm.

But, there’s one thing that you’ve forgotten! You need to acquire these clients first.

You’ve got to prepare a law firm marketing strategy. This strategy will help promote your law firm to potential clients. Marketing is always a challenge for any business, but it can be a particularly daunting task for a law firm.

Here’s what you can do to create a great law firm marketing strategy:

  1. Your Law Firm’s Goals

You have to first decide what you want your firm’s goals to be. As a lawyer, these goals will also coincide with your life goals.

Are you hoping to grow your law firm to become as large as possible? Or do you want to make sure that your law firm doesn’t take over your life?

If your goal is the former, then you’ve got to acquire as many clients as possible. You have to market your law firm as being for the average person. This marketing strategy is often employed by personal injury law firms and other law firms that the average person would need.

If your goal is the latter, you want to attract a few select clients. These clients will be exclusive individuals who can afford higher fees. Immigration law firms that focus on investment migration market specifically to this class of clientele.

  1. Have A Great Website

Many law firms neglect creating a beautiful website. But if your website looks like it was designed in the early 1990s, it will give the impression that your firm isn’t professional.

Make sure your website has a services page that gives a succinct description of each service. You should also have a photograph and short bios of all the practicing attorneys at the law firm. Your law firm’s address and contact information should also feature prominently on the website.

You should consider hiring a web design service targeted toward law firms such as AGENT Digital.

  1. Creating Content

One of the most overlooked law firm marketing tactics is to create content about your field of legal expertise. Many internet users are eager to find information that answers their legal questions.

For example, an immigration law firm can write blog posts that explain the immigration policies. They can provide information on immigration to the USA that can help potential clients. Your law firm has to do the same. If you create great content, it gives the impression that your law firm understands the field of law.

If a potential client enjoys your content, they might take the next step to contact your firm. If your content can answer their questions, they will feel that your law firm is trustworthy.

In addition to blog posts, you can create short videos to teach your audience about an aspect of your field of law. For example, New Media Rights has a video series where they provide short explainer videos on media law in the digital world. Law firm Lodmell & Lodmell provide blog and video resources to teach an audience about asset protection.

You can also create content through ebooks and email newsletters. All businesses now use content to promote themselves and to showcase that they are an authority in their niche. Your law firm has to take the same approach.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Law marketing seems to largely avoid using social media platforms. While this might change in the future, now is the best time to use social media to promote your law firm.

More internet users spend their time on social media and will rely on their favorite platforms to find a law firm. You can use LinkedIn to reshare your content.

You can also write articles under your own name on a legal topic that your firm deals with. You should encourage your law partners to do the same. You can use LinkedIn to communicate with potential clients.

Platforms such as Instagram have less of a serious tone than LinkedIn. You can use Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. to create unique content around your field of law.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of helping your website rank highly in search engines. If your law firm’s website isn’t within the first few search results, it’s likely that you will have little traffic to it.

The best practices on SEO for lawyers will include having high-ranking keywords in your website’s written content. This includes blog posts as well as website copy. It will include improving your website’s loading speeds. It’ll include having graphics and other media on your website.

SEO is one of the best ways for a business to gain traffic to its website. Search engines will remain the primary method for potential clients to find your law firm.

A major benefit of SEO is Local SEO. This means that you use SEO to target your local market. This is crucial for a law firm, especially if you have other local law firms that offer similar services.

Using a service such as Google My Business, you can create a business listing for your law firm. This listing will show up on search engines when a user looks for a law firm in your area.

For example, let’s suppose you run an immigration law firm based in Miami. You want to make sure when someone searches “Immigration law firm in Miami,” that your law firm’s listing shows up first on the search engines results page.

Prepare Your Law Firm Marketing Strategy

You can use these 5 tips to prepare your law firm marketing strategy. Make sure you focus on creating a great website and online content. You have to also focus on promotion through social media platforms and search engines.

It will take time, but with these practices, you’ll have no problem attracting your clients. We wish you all the best with promoting your law firm!

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