TopMarketCap Review 2021 – A Look Inside This Broker

TopMarketCap, as its name is clearly suggesting, is an online brokerage firm specifically targeting forex instruments. Similarly, they also offer Indices, Commodity, Stocks, and digital currency trading. The platform offers more than 200 assets that are very distinct from each other, for trading.

In this review, I will bring all the detailed facts about the platform including the commissions, trade execution, administrative oversight, client care, and analytical tools.

TopMarketCap is one of the most serious and reasonable platforms out there on the internet. The platform can accommodate all kinds of traders. I came to know this while browsing and taking all the aspects of the platform into account.

The enormous size of the investment contributions made by TopMarketCap is one of the things which distinguish it from other online brokerage firms. At present, the platform gives a variety of currency pairs like Bitcoin, CAD, EUR, GBP, USD, and so many CFDs. I would want to invest in everything the platform has included. It was refreshing to see a platform where traders have the advantage of all these assets and do not have to leave the platform for other assets.

There are many instructive substances available on the platform. The variety and assortment of all these substances are vast, too. The platform is aware of its overwhelming foundation. This is why there are a number of eBooks available for new traders. These eBooks primarily guide the traders through the instructions encoded on them. These instructional eBooks take up much of the number of instructive substances available.

The Advanced Strategies eBook was extremely helpful when I first started out. In the eBooks, I was able to see different strategies from the common to the advanced level. These strategies can be applied in trading and are helpful in gaining the expected profits. I had even noticed that there was a difference in my trading venture because of these strategies. The eBooks are no doubt amazing for the new traders but I suggest that the platform adds in more eBooks that are relevant to the advanced traders that they can enjoy as well.

Client care is very important to me so when checked it out I found it to be very responsive and the representative on the end was actually educated for a change and they were able to solve my issues with proper knowledge and guidance. The different alternatives of customer services are phone, email, form, and live chat. Live Chat is another helpful and convenient option for those seeking client care from this platform.

TopMarketCap was established a few years ago and deals in the FX/CFD. The platform is not a newbie by any means, but it cannot be considered a veteran, too. But all things considered, the platform is making its mark in the trading market day by day.

The platform has been working for many years now. From genuine traders, the platform has successfully gathered a lot through the important inputs.

Now, I will give a more detailed review of all the features and services of TopMarketCap that I have experienced and observed from the start and how they have been improved over the course of time.

Review Rundown of the Platform:

The review rundown of TopMarketCap stands at 93%. With a score like that, the platform is one of the most trustworthy forex traders out there on the internet throughout the exposure that I have seen.

The commissions on the platforms are probably the least by comparison with others, too. The platform also has the most exceptional trading tools and analysis in the trading market. In my opinion, TopMarketCap is suitable for both the new trader as well as the progressed trader.

If I break down the Pros and the Cons of the platform, the Pros outweigh the cons. The platform comes with many advantages like tight regulations, solid finances, a clean work area, engaging interface, spreads that are relatively low, specialized tools, advanced analysis, and many more. The drawbacks, however, include quite a few including the support email service for the customers, and the payment method which does not include PayPal. Both these flaws can be improved in the future, hopefully.

Fascinating Administration of TopMarketCap:

The specialist gives admittance to such a platform that can cover the full work area and provide a great platform interface. The support of the platform is available 24 hours in only two languages. This is part in which the platform is a little behind at. In my opinion, they need to add more languages to make the platform accessible to different nations. For the trader, market inclusion is also acceptable. TopMarketCap bolsters not only top-class assets like digital currencies but also indices, forex pairs, different commodities, and stock.

The initial base deposit is only 250 Euros. This deposit had made the platform an easy option for me. I choose this platform because of the multiple account types it provides. These accounts offer different minimum deposits and are accessible to all types of traders. The wide range of account types is quite a reasonable option on the platform.

Features of The Trading Platform:

Above everything, the specialized analytical features, as well as the overall charting system of the platform, were very thoughtful. In simple words, we can simply say that the platform provides a completely adaptable climate for trading. For me, the chart was so easy to interpret. The features provided on the platform made it easy for me to analyze.

Scores of time spans on the platform are being upheld. You have the option of saving the customizable charts as layouts for further use in the future. Many preinstalled special indicators are also available. You can also add some more according to your preferences. As soon as I upgraded my account type, I was provided with more technical tools, too. This helped me further in my analysis of trading. My experience with the chart and the tools was very satisfactory. I always got my expected profit whenever I used these in my trading. For beginners, this is a very beneficial section.

If I speak frankly, I have to mention that traders can make their own indicators, too. The account types provide a programming language that makes it possible. Traders can also purchase from the outsiders if they want and then, introduce them.

The same goes for the EAs. Clients all over the market cherish the Master Advisors because they exchange a lot as mentioned by the boundaries set up by brokers. You can change your trading experience completely if you combine it with decent VPS administration and custom content. I had a lot of help from my account manager in getting better at my trades, strategizing them, and how to pick the right time to gain the maximum profit.

The platform has a system of trading using a single click and there are a number of order types available.

I thought the platform is very easy to understand especially if you are a new dealer. The user-friendly interface is extremely simple, and anyone can get easily used to it.

In all my attempts so far, TopMarketCap is perhaps the most complete one I have encountered. It has news, progressed charts, specialized markers, market pointers, and a massive range of assets to trade.

I’ll explain the analytical tools available on the platform in detail. They were the star champions, in my view, for the platform.

You might get a little confused at first when you use the advanced tools framework but with time, it all starts to come naturally. The platform, in itself, is very adaptable, as far as the tools and the tabs are concerned. If you face any troubles while using anything related to the tools or the chart, you can always reach out to customer services. These services are incorporated into each page of the platform.

The email client experience of the platform is fast enough, but even then, the platform is outstanding and has a top-notch reputation in the trading world.

Client Care:

The platform offers email support, live chat, and telephone support.

Telephone service is quick and accessible 5 days every week, throughout each day. In comparison, email support is better than most platforms, the answers are always effective. Live Chat is not that difficult to track down but as soon as you discover it, you will know that it also provides very accurate answers and is very convenient to use.

I would say that the support is incredible as I have not found a platform that is faster and more efficient in making sure that the client’s issues are solved in a matter of seconds or minutes.

Deposit/Withdrawal Methods:

There are various methods for payment like Wire Transfer, and MasterCard (MasterCard, VISA). The platform should also add other payment options like Maestro, PayPal, and some other options. Withdrawals are reasonable and quick. There is no need to contact customer service. I know that the process is fast and secure, anyway.

Withdrawals are handled just as quickly and are accordingly with your account type.

Account Types:

Different account types include Self-Managed Account, Basic Account, Gold Account, Platinum Account, Diamond Account, and the Libra.

Last Remarks:

The platform is safe to use and along with its experience in the field, it is a very reasonable choice for both the novice trader as well as the progressed trader.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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