Real Estate Agent Tips: What Are IDX Plugins

The housing market in the U.S. is worth $33.6 trillion, according to the World Property Journal. That is a huge piece of pie and if you are a rookie real estate agent you may be wondering how you can get a piece of it. There may be plenty of action to go around but with millions of real estate agents competition is fierce.

To give you a leg up we decided to talk about one of the little-known real estate agent tips – IDX plugins. Are you utilizing the power of MLS databases? If not, keep reading to find out why that could be a big mistake.

What Is the MLS Database?

Did you know that 50% of real estate buyers find their new home online? Having a professional website that showcases many properties in the area you represent is one of the key real estate agent tips for beginners. It can be difficult, especially when you are first starting out, to get clients to represent, but when you do you want to be sure they are represented professionally and up to the industry standard.

MLS stands for multiple listing service and RMLS stands for regional multiple listing service. These databases are set up with specific requirements. They are constantly updated with new listings and photographs. These regional multiple listing services are an ideal way to gain recognition as an expert in your local market.

How do you access these listings and generate leads from your real estate website? We are glad you asked.

Plugin IDX Solutions

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) is the creator of IDX (internet data exchange). IDX is the software that allows MLS participants the capability to display on their website listings from other real estate agencies as well as their own. Listing with MLS databases has several advantages including:

  • Powerful property searches
  • Map display integration
  • High standards for every listing
  • Exposure of your listings on other real estate websites
  • Increased revenue potential with high-quality leads

An IDX plugin is needed to incorporate MLS listings on your website. There are many of these plugins available in the market and they are not all created the same. Look for plugins that connect to multiple MLS databases.

Today’s consumer demands simple access to up to date information to understand their options. When it comes to real estate, buyers need to know the real estate website is giving them an accurate representation of the market. If not, they will go elsewhere.

MLS database listings are a win-win for all participating real estate agencies as it gives the hopeful homeowner confidence they are in the right place to look for their new home.

Real Estate Agent Tips and Tricks

Just like anything in life, the more experience you get under your belt the more skilled and successful real estate agent you will become. Never pass up a chance to learn real estate agent tips and apply them to your listings and service. For more business solutions and advice keep reading our blog.

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