ManCapitalGroup Review 2021- Why I think this platform excels in all aspects that make it a decent broker?

You can divide any profession into two eras: pre-internet and post-internet. The Internet has radically altered our lives without our knowledge. We would have all succumbed to the weight of the technological wave if it hadn’t been for the fast-paced world. We can’t deny that the Internet is a significant contributor to the rising turbulence in our lives, yet we can’t give it up despite the disruptions. Because tech has brought so much convenience into our lives, most of us find this detachment impossible. The current pandemic acted as a spur for the increased technology use in particular.

Everything is going online, and anything that isn’t is likely to be left behind. If the internet revolution has affected the entire world, trading couldn’t stay unaffected. Traders lay the foundation for the world’s economic structure. And in today’s fast-paced world, an internet-based transaction has become the order of the day. This is why the trading world has become more digitalized. Everything entered the digitization race, from online trade school platforms to forex forums. Forex firms are a well-known product of the era. The ease of use was a significant factor in their adoption. Traders no longer need to schedule excursions to the stock exchange; in fact, these platforms are now available at their fingertips.

It’s been three years since I have found a perfect trading platform that caters to my needs the way I want. The platform’s name is ManCapitalGroup. But before I talk about this forum, I want to give a little history of my trading venture. Back in 2001, I was a student when trading went through what my professor refers to as a “revolution,” and my lecturers advised me that if a forex trader wants to perform well in the field, he or she should join up for an online brokerage firm. As a result, I was already looking for a reputable brokerage firm when I graduated in 2003. Being raised in a home with so many traders around me was pretty advantageous. I had known the fundamentals of trading since I was a child, and the rest was learned via the experience of about 15 years now. So, I continued hearing about people getting duped by scam companies and losing their hard-earned money now and then.

Right after my graduation, I started doing my research. This habit of study aided me in researching several platforms before deciding to join one. I kept digging into any platform that came my way, weighing the benefits and drawbacks until I figured out which platform was best and worst with the features I wanted. It was simple to move forward after I had a good and complete list prepared.

Fast forward to a few years back, I found the ManCapitalGroup platform, and I was ready to be a part of this platform as soon as I realized that this platform perfectly fits my needs, and I have no intention of abandoning it. This is because it has assisted me in evolving, growing, and learning as a trader. I hope that by the end of this review, you’ll have a better understanding of what a reputable forex broker is and why I chose to be part of this platform. Let’s get started!

Dependability And Proficiency:

As a trader, the first thing I look for in a platform is how efficient and reliable it is. I realize there’s a lot more to a forum but trust me when I say that if these two aren’t present, you’re doomed to lose the game. When it comes to these two, ManCapitalGroup is a champion. I’ve never been disappointed by their services in all these years. Every element displays the company’s expertise, and it is because of this efficiency, traders around the market keep raving about the forum.

This Broker Provides Transparency!

Checking for a well-organized legal section is one technique to assess a company’s trustworthiness. My grandfather used to remind my father that if a company is transparent and clear, it is there to serve you with everything it has. So, with this in mind, I scrolled down to the bottom of the website, where the Legal section was located on the right-hand side. After reading the material, I realized this was something I could try. So, I opened the Privacy Policy first, and I could instantly sense myself gravitating towards this platform.

It is strongly advised that you read through the entire text. If you are not comfortable reading legal paperwork on your own, you can seek legal assistance. Among the documents that have been uploaded are:

  • Anti-Money Laundering Policy – to prevent the platform from being used for unlawful purposes.
  • Risk Disclosure Statement – to assist you in doing a complete risk assessment and establishing trust.
  • Privacy Policy – to reassure you that your data is safe and secure.
  • Bonus Policy – explains how you can earn more money.
  • To keep you safe, we have a withdrawal, refund, and cancellation policy.
  • Terms & Conditions – are provided to assist you in becoming familiar with trade and usage terms.

Assets with a Wide Range:

A trading platform’s assets are its foundation. You’re paying for a costly transaction system if you don’t have any assets. ManCapitalGroup provides a variety of assets to its clients. Forex, indices, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies are all examples of financial assets. There are more than 200 assets available on this platform. The moment I came to know about this, I was eager to start my trading journey with them.

Education Center:

ManCapitalGroup furnishes both its newcomers and advanced traders with illuminating educational material. It helps traders make educated trading choices by giving them essential information to gain better profits. This part of the site contains educational eBooks, accountings, and market analysis. Extra instructive assets can be found at the accompanying sites:

  • Market review: This is fundamental inside and out information about the current market that helps the traders decide what strategies they should opt for that is suitable for them.
  • EBooks: All clients approach eBooks, to learn the tip and trick to get the best profit strategies. I took in a ton of knowledge from the eBooks, yet I realize that advance dealers don’t get as many details, so I think that the platform needs to consolidate more thorough content for the advanced users.
  • Glossary: The trading glossary classifies words from beginning to end to help brokers understand the market terminologies.

Representatives are always available to address concerns. However, frequently requested questions are presented separately to ensure prompt responses. The FAQ section was created to save time. Furthermore, it makes it easier for the traders to navigate. The questions have been grouped into categories. These include the following:

  • Trading
  • Platform
  • Funding
  • Open Account
  • Support

Although this is a fantastic idea, I hope they continue to update it frequently since new questions arise as requirements and solutions change. Another subsection of the Info section is dedicated to the platform. You should visit it if you want to learn more about your broker to build a trusting relationship.

Customer Service:

This sends me to the “Contact Us” section. This is the Service that has captivated my attention. I’ve never been misled by company representatives, not even once. As a newbie, I continued running across issues when I first joined. And the administration was always willing to assist me. I appreciate the fact that there are multiple ways to approach the representatives.

Because the company cares about their client’s comfort, they can always approach them via phone or Live Chat. Email and form submission are also available. All of them are responsive, but my personal favorite is the Calling Service. You can only use Phone and Chat on weekdays and for a limited amount of time. There is also no international phone number that you can call from anywhere in the world. This is why callers from countries other than Canada, the United Kingdom, and Austria cannot utilize the Service. I hope other traders outside of these countries will soon have access to this facility.

My Conclusion On The Platform:

I want to point out that the dark backdrop images on the main page make it difficult for me to view the asset list. However, these minor problems may be overlooked because this platform excels in all other areas. Also, while no platform is perfect, you should consider whether it aligns with your priorities. Best of luck in your endeavor!

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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