KeepABit Review 2021 – Reasons Why KeepABit Is Chosen By Investors From All Over The World

With the increase in cryptocurrency exchange, there has been a spike in the number of crypto exchanges available. However, many of those available exchangers either do not provide the required service or high level of satisfaction. Providing the same level of assistance and satisfaction are two different factors, and KeepABit has simultaneously fulfilled both these requirements.

KeepABit is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows consumers from all around the world to exchange fiat currency for various digital currencies. A few years ago, the platform was established to provide clients with an optimal level of service with features and sincerity. I have been using KeepABit for a long time and considering reviewing the exchange platform I have been part of.

My purpose is to share my experience and raise awareness considering the increasing number of trickeries that various exchange platforms are playing with their customers; that not only resulted in lack of trust in exchanger but the industry as a whole. Such exchangers affect the credibility of the exchange platforms’ network. However, KeepABit certainly knows how to stand among the peers and still stand out for its services.

Exchange Platform:

KeepABit, like various cryptocurrency exchanges, has its own licensed online exchanging platform. The exchange platform is simple in general, with a logically built interface that is easy to use and understand. In addition, the platform provides me with some high-level tools and highlights. To me, the placement of features feels nice and well-considered.

When using an exchanging platform, the user interface is the first and most noticeable thing that anyone, including myself, observes. I got the feeling from the first page that it had to be enjoyable. The interface isn’t as complicated as compared to some of the previous exchanging platforms I’ve used. Any new dealer can quickly learn how to conduct a simple transaction. As far as I can tell, they decided to keep the platform’s interface as basic and straightforward as possible.

Regardless, the exchange platform is genuinely creative and beneficial for seasoned exchangers while still being simple enough for a beginner. While using the forum, I liked how everything was set out in the open to be quickly accessed. To get to a particular function, I didn’t have to search through pages or get lost. I was not impressed by the platform’s color scheme because it didn’t look very formal with the light color, but that is just my personal choice.

Ease of Signing Up at KeepABit:

Signing up at KeepABit is as easy as it could ever be. All I had to do was follow few simple steps:

  • Press Get Started on their home page
  • Provide necessary details
  • Accept terms and conditions
  • Verified my account via an email sent by KeepABit
  • Deposited funds in my preferred currency

These few steps resulted in opening doors to new experiences that had been very profitable.


Considering the nature of cryptocurrency and its characteristic of being decentralized, security in such transactions is the top-most priority for any exchanger. Although cryptocurrency is not yet a prevailing currency globally, the same is still exchanged throughout the world worth billions of dollars of transactions.

While setting an account, I had to provide account information and personal details for KeepABit records. Considering the large volume of transactions, I realized how necessary and essential it is to keep the client’s information and data secure. In case of any personal data breach, it would impact their business and their reputation as well, affecting them in the long run.

A platform that does not take the security of its systems seriously Is not serious with its customers and is more prone to breach of confidential information or hacking.

When I started crypto exchanging, I remember going through the massive number of available platforms and sighing with frustration when I noted that many platforms do not even provide a minimum level of security, let alone what I required. Therefore, I opted for KeepABit due to their commitment to providing a secure exchanging platform by updating their system periodically. This resulted in keeping hackers out of their strategy and has increased the satisfaction level of exchangers.

KeepABit has never had any publicly reported hackings or asset losses, as far as I’m aware. The exchange incorporates the most recent security features, such as an SSL-encrypted registry, two-factor authentication for logins and transactions, and client funds stored in cold and hot wallets. I noticed that each customer is treated the same way and has the same administrations available to them. The only thing that concerned me was that the authentication process felt a little too drawn out due to the tight protection. Even though I know it’s set up to keep my money safe, it felt like it took a long time.

Other security features of the KeepABit platform include:

  • A cold wallet that holds 97 percent of customer funds.
  • HTTPS is used to encrypt all communications.
  • An influential and ground-breaking order coordinated system that can perform several tasks per second.
  • Anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Client (KYC) policies are in place.
  • High-level virtual protection, controlled by Tractive Pty Ltd., an Australian firm.
  • Secure contracts for token issuance and management.


Since I started working in crypto exchange, I realized that these crypto markets are highly volatile, and the only way to earn a profit is to know when I should execute my transaction. To achieve the said condition, exchanging platform should always be available in its working condition, no matter where you access the forum. That means no matter what the time is or where the exchanger physically is, the availability of the platform shall be ensured.

I have been using KeepABit from a country where it is not based; however, there has not been an instance where I cannot access the platform and cannot perform my transaction on a timely basis. KeepABit has achieved such a level of reliability by setting up its access servers in different regions, ensuring quick access to its customers all around. This has also increased the speed of transaction as not all customers are jammed in a single server. Although currently, the network is not as widespread as I would have preferred, KeepABit has ensured to cover all the world’s financial hubs. KeepABit further commits to increase its network to smoothen up its services.


KeepABit’s exchange fees are moderately low, particularly compared to other leading digital money exchanges available in the market. The producer and taker payments are combined into a lower-level payment per transaction. This is modest, given that most leading exchanges charge a high fee per exchange in any case. Deposits, as well as withdrawals, are free of charge.

Stay Updated with the Crypto World:

I keen to keep myself updated with the ongoing news in the cryptocurrency industry. KeepABit provides me with updated news and helps me stay informed with everything that is happening in the crypto world. The cryptocurrency blog provides the exchanger with the latest news. The information gained from such platforms helps the user to make effective and better-informed decisions.

Customer Care:

At KeepABit, whenever I seek assistance, I have always been responded with friendly and professional behavior. The customer care team can be contacted during business hours. Their customer care representatives work on a common goal to resolve customer queries.

I still remember my experience where I was stuck during a significant transaction that could have resulted in a considerable loss. Instead, I contacted their customer support team, who could identify the issue, ensure timely correction at their end. Thus, my transaction went smooth.

Customer Care at KeepABit can be contacted via either an email, direct dial – only in Australia and Estonia, and submitting an online contact us form. Each mode of communication has its pros and cons, and it is suggested to use the one that suits your needs the most.


KeepABit has been transparent with its exchangers concerning its terms and conditions. Furthermore, all terms and conditions are thoroughly detailed on their website, giving the exchanger a great insight into what he is getting into.


The Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
An easy-to-use platform with a range of market information and support to assist you in acquainting to the forum. Android and iOS are not compatible.
KeepABit customers can benefit from additional protection provided by KYC scans. KeepABit does not have a phone number that can be called from anywhere in the world.
KeepABit is one of the most popular crypto exchanges, with a wide range of crypto pairings to choose from. KYC continuity will be a plus for others, while some might also think it lengthy and time-consuming.
Client support and a comprehensive help center are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  
KeepABit benefits from increased liquidity due to its high exchanging volume.  
Multiple exchanging platforms are available to accommodate different levels of the KeepABit experience.  
Supports crypto and fiat cash deposits and withdrawals.  
Users can earn money by saving cryptos and earn awards by staking them.  
Strong emphasis on confidentiality, with a range of security measures in place to protect exchangers’ funds.  



KeepABit is an exciting cryptocurrency exchange platform that is growing and gaining the confidence of a diverse range of customers from various industries. They have lower fees and allow you to swap BTC and ETH, two of the most common cryptocurrencies. Regardless, the exchange is only suitable for KeepABit who speak English or German, as support is limited. Although it has some advanced tools and features for new exchangers, its exchange software is generally easy to use.

KeepABit is an exciting new exchange platform with a clear vision for the future. It bridges the widening gap between traditional accounts and cryptocurrency with a novel approach that allows digital currency holders to access traditional business sectors and vice versa.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only, and this is not a recommendation.

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