InfinityCapitalG Review – Does this platform has what it takes to be a successful broker?

With so many options available for trading platforms, it has become really hard for one to not experience a scam or two. Finding a trustworthy and reliable broker is a genuine struggle now a day. In the ancient times, there were few facilities available for online brokers. One has to visit the trading platforms to make investments and trades.

But with time, we have stepped into the new era of technology. With the use of advanced technology, we have updated our ways and methods of doing things. Such upgrading made our life easier and our work more efficient. The same technology was applied in trading, and now we have an enormous number of alternative ways of trading. Online trading is one of the greatest examples for the use of technology in trading. But on the one hand, where we have the facilities for trading at the comfort of our homes or anywhere, we desire, on the contrary, it also comes with online scams.

As I said earlier, finding a legit and reliable online trading platform is quite a hassle. When I stumbled upon InfinityCapitalG after facing few scams online, I was hesitant towards giving another trading platform a chance. But all I can say now is I am glad I took the chance to explore InfinityCapitalG on my own. Upon browsing through their webpage, I knew this platform was going to be promising and I wouldn’t be disappointed with it. Below, I will share my experience with InfinityCapitalG and give you my conclusion at the end.

About InfinityCapitalG:

There are few platforms available where one can find all the important features that an online broker should have. When I started looking for brokers, I aimed to find a broker that not only provides me the best safety and security measures but also great customer services. The list doesn’t just end here; a good online broker should be a platform where their users can educate themselves as well.

The platform should be user-friendly and theft-proof. I found that InfinityCapitalG ticks all the boxes in my checklist for a good and dependable broker. InfinityCapitalG has some great features that stood out to me. I was thrilled to see that they provide their users with an education center. As a beginner myself in the trading business, I always felt like I needed to expand my knowledge and trading terminologies so I can communicate and understand trading on an advanced level. Besides the educational center, I found their trading charts to be very efficient as well. The charts were quite easy to understand.

This platform has more than 200 trading assets to choose from, and much more. I will give all the details that you will need to conclude yourself, if this broker is worthy of your investments.

Webpage and Layout:

One thing I want to point out here is their webpage layout design, which I found gratifying. In the past, I have come across such platforms where I was disappointed by their web pages. It is one of the most important parts of a platform. This is where the users of the platform spend most of the time. It has to be appealing and attractive as the webpage and its layout tell a lot about the trading platform itself.

I think the InfinityCapitalG webpage is decent looking as there is not much cluster of content all over. Everything was well put together and self-explanatory. The only thing I found that I think they can work on was the options for different languages. Those languages are English and Deutsch. If they can add more options for the language, I am sure their webpage can reach a broader range of clients. Moreover, something I felt missing was the limited access to the platform. This platform can only be accessed through their website and not from other sources like an app.

Right below their main page, they have provided their users with more information about their platform. I think this is a great way to approach their audience and entice them with what they will be offering. The rough estimate of features they have mentioned are:

  • Powerful Platform
  • Exclusive Trading tools
  • Flexible leverage
  • Fully customizable

Assets, charts, and tools:

The tools and charts provided by the platform play an important role for a trader during his/her investments. The charts and advanced tools are a great way to make sure that the analysis you make on your trading is certain enough and a decent amount of profit can be generated with the help of them. This is why I found InfinityCapitalG to be very efficient in this aspect. This platform uses the most advanced technologies to provide detailed charts for trades.

The tools are very well developed, which makes trading extremely easy. Such tools are a great help for beginners. The way they have designed their trading chart is something I enjoyed during my investments. The color contrast of the chart vividly shows the resistance and support line that tells when to buy or sell.

Now, I will talk about the huge variety of tradable assets they are offering to their users. Seeing that they have 200+ assets to choose from made me feel at ease that I was not restricted in my options. These assets were categorized into stocks, crypto, commodities, indices, and currency.

Although I didn’t make a profit on every single trade since I was an amateur but because of the lack proper information, I did face few losses in my trading venture.  This way I got to know in which aspect I lacked my knowledge that led me to such losses. I was able to overcome those gaps with the help of the education center that InfinityCapitalG has provided with.

Educational Centre:

The education center is really important to me when it comes to trading platforms. I believe a good trading platform makes the effort to ensure its users are well educated when it comes to their trading. As I was a beginner, the InfinityCapitalG platform trained me to be a better trader through their educational materials. I feel like the educational material they have provided is not sufficient. Especially for those who have passed the stage as a beginner and now are in the advanced stage.

After investing with InfinityCapitalG for more than a year, I felt I needed more I need more insight into the trading world about the trading world. There are total of 12 e-books available to the users. These e-books can be accessed by anyone on their platform. In my past experiences with trading platforms, such educational materials were not readily available for free. So, to see that they have made these e-books available for anyone fascinated me.


For any platform to be trustworthy and reliable, its security system needs to be strong and active. No user would want to invest their resources with the fear of loss and their personal information being leaked. For this purpose, I deeply looked into InfinityCapitalG security polices or other theft-proof policies they follow.

I felt very safe and secure when I came to know that they follow strict policies to make their platform as secure as possible. After my personal experience with this platform, I can quote that this broker is safe for any sort of deposits and withdrawals. I found all the legal policies they follow mentioned at the bottom of their webpage.

The policies they follow are Privacy policy, Bonus policy, Risk disclosure statement, Anti-money laundering, and KYC policy, and lastly, Withdrawal, refund, and cancellation policy.

Customer service:

InfinityCapitalG offers great customer services to their clients. I can say that because never once I faced any issue where their respective representatives were not able to help me out. Their active responses made it so much easier to sort out any problems in no time.

To be able to help their clients, InfinityCapitalG has provided services like Instant chat corner, Phone service, and email as well. Each service has its timings in which clients can contact them and get the help they needed.

Support operating hours


Monday to Friday 09:00 – 13:00 GMT


Monday to Friday 07:00-14:00 GMT


Compliance Email

However, the phone calling service is only available for Australia, UK, and Austria. Which I found a bit restricted during my travel in different countries other than the ones mentioned. But then I overcame this issue by utilizing the email service. Besides that I think the platform’s customer service is great.

Overall review:

I decided to opt for this platform because of the variety of features and services they offer. The use of advanced technology in charts and tools made me very excited to start my trading venture with them. Once I was able to get myself comfortable with charts and tools with the help of their representatives, I truly enjoyed investing on this platform. To put my review in nutshell I would like to say that this platform fulfills all the criteria that a good platform should do.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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