Identify and stop Rogue employees before they become a security threat to business

We are living in the era of limitless advancements in the field of technology. Every individual aspect of technology is transforming rapidly. Technology has brought change in our life. As we are living in 21st century, our way of living is completely different than previous. This technology changes are beneficial for us in every aspect of life. Now securing your data is more convenient than ever before.

Our age of apparently limitless technological innovations is rapidly altering every aspect of our lives, mainly what does it means to go to work in 21st century. But this has also led to the likelihood that employees are using tools outside the scope of what their employers.

Companies often supervise these rogue employees, in spite of the fact that they stance just as serious a danger as employees for malicious purposes — and even more for many companies.


Are you worried about who is black fish in the whole tank? It has been a headache for you that who is rogue individual among your employees? Stop your search because the solution is here, BlurSPY employee monitoring software. With android spyware app you will have access to all of the activities of your employees. From GPS tracking to call monitoring, BlurSPY is all-in-one solution for your problems and worries. BlurSPY is ranked as the best tracking app by the users. The best part about using BlurSPY phone surveillance system is that it records even minute information about your employee. It will not give even the slightest hint to the owner of the target device. You need to follow some instruction to use the services of BlurSPY:

  1. First check the device compatibility
  2. Uninstall anti-virus and anti-malware software
  3. Download BlurSPY
  4. Install it
  5. Create your dashboard account
  6. Use it!

Here are some amazing features of the BlurSPY that will help you in identifying rogue employees before they become a security threat for your business.

Call monitoring:

BlurSPY employee tracking system record and detect all the calls, made from or received by your employee’s device. BlurSPY recording feature will make the calls as evidence against the suspected employee. Moreover, not only you can record the calls of your suspected employee as evidence, you can do these also:

  • Listen to all the incoming and outgoing call of your employee’s device
  • Record all the calls of the employee’s device
  • Interrupt calls

With a hold on your employee’s calls, you will be able to find out the rogue one. Once you find that you will easily take some prominent steps.

Block unknown calls:

If you don’t want to kick out your employee straight out of your organization. If you found him guilty through his call records. If you don’t want to give him a hard punishment at first. Then Spy app call blocking feature is just for you. Block the calls that are making your employee rogue and guilty. Once you stopped it that means you have minimized the chance of security risk to your business.

Read SMS:
Since most of the conversations are done via SMS, so you can find ample of info about your employee’s activities nowadays. BlurSPY phone surveillance system will let you to sleek into your employee’s conversation. It will do that much for you anonymously and secretly. Your employee will remain totally unaware of this monitoring method you are using to keep an eye on him.

GPS Tracking:

If you have any sort of suspect about whereabouts of your employee. Even if the slightest one, use BlurSPY GPS tracking feature to locate the current location of your employee. Not only had this will you be able to view the history of visited locations by your employee up to 45 days.

Camera bug:

Are you worried about your employee’s working capability and capacity? Camera bug will help you in this matter. This amazing feature of camera bug secretly captures the pictures of the target device. This will help you in figuring out that which one is wasting time instead of doing some fruitful business work.

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