How Damaging Can Be Laser Cutting?

In many industries, laser cutting is used for cutting various materials.  Laser cutting is getting highly utilized in schools and small-scale businesses too. This unique technique can be utilized in cutting diamonds.

The good side and downside of laser cutting

The best part about laser cutting is that it allows the user to cut in specific sizes and dimensions. It’s only downside is that it brings a lot of health risks because of the fume it releases. If there is an inadequate air filtration system in the workplace, there would be higher chances of damage.

Harmful side effects of laser cutting fumes

Air pollutants are produced due to laser cutting. These are quite harmful if inhaled. When the laser beam is beamed into numerous materials, chemical gases, aerosols, and smoke are secreted. Many of the workspaces consider a sufficient air filtration unit to prevent all these toxic elements. Some of these elements are dust, carbon monoxide, nickel, and nitrogen dioxide.

The harmful effects of laser cutting include asthma and many respiratory problems. If the workers are inhaling these fumes for a long time, then there might be the likelihood of lung ailments or cancer.

Choosing a laser cutter fume extractor

The product that every workplace should have is a laser cutter fume extractor. A lot of health hazards can be reduced with this amazing technology. It is particularly intended for the industrial procedures that create laser fumes. The smoke produced by many industries because of laser cutting contains numerous dust particles that can harm the workers and the machines. While deciding on a laser cutter fume extractor, it is significant to concern the following aspects:

  1. You should look for a fume collector that has the ideal size. A small-sized fume extractor may not be able to do its job accurately. If it is big in size or oversized, then you might lose valuable floor space.
  2. Make sure that the fume extractor that you choose should not be loud. The exhaust fan of the laser cutter fume extractor can be noisy. Hence, it would be better to decide on an eco-friendly and silent fume collector.
  3. Various fume extraction systems come with filters that are not made to accumulate dust particles. Check the type of filer before buying a fume extractor.
  4. Finally, you should ask about the cost of the fume extractor.

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