Fast Money: 3 Things You Can Sell for Cash

Did you know that the average American has $3,100 of unused clutter lying around their house?

Too much stuff can negatively impact your mental health too.

Who doesn’t need some positivity, clarity, and extra cash going into 2021?

Minimize your life and maximize your cash flow with this list of things you can sell right now.

#1 Things You Can Sell: Electronics

We’ve all got “that” drawer. The one that’s stuffed with coiled cords, old thumbnail drives, phones, and speakers. There’s always the option of selling old items on generic sites like Facebook Marketplace, Offer Up, Craigslist, and Swappa. But, if you’ve tried them, you know that coordinating a sale can be a hassle.

Another option is to sell your products to a company specializing in purchasing used electronics to refurbish and resell. Amazon, Best Buy, and Apple all have a “trade-in” program. All of these can be done online and take a few weeks to process.

Amazon, Best Buy, and Apply all compensate in the form of a gift card. But, ItsWorthMore and BuyBackWorld will pay for your electronics through Paypal. You can also look into becoming a Seller on Black Market.

#2 Things You Can Sell: Scrap Metal

Metals like silver, tin, copper, gold, and iron are non-renewable resources. Although there is a relatively large amount left in the world, reserves are slowly being depleted. The value of pure metals only increases as time goes on.

Jewelry is one of the best sources of valuable metals. But, the price of silver and gold fluctuates, so it’s best to do a little research before you do. You can also check old lighting and cords for copper. Old appliances, auto parts, and plumbing fixtures can also be great resources for metal to sell.

#3 Things You Can Sell: Books

Have you become blind to an unattractive stack of dusty books in your home? Some books can be worth a lot more than you might think.

First, start by checking the value of your book across a handful of websites that use your ISBN code to determine your book’s value. Some of the sites that do this are,,,, and

You can sell your books online at any of the sites listed above. Or, you can use the information you learned about book value and try your luck at your local bookstore. Half Priced Books and Amazon each have a trade-in program for books too.

Start Selling Stuff for Cash

What if I told you that you don’t need most of the things you spend money on? Americans save less than 10% of their net income. The rest mostly goes to lifestyles that leap beyond their means and accumulating a toxic amount of material things in the process.

The good news is most things you can sell. Most of us have too many clothes, too much food, and just too much stuff in general.

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