Cryptme Review 2021 -Can it be your go-to crypto exchange for years to come?

Back in 2003, when crypto made the first entry into the market, people thought it would be more than just foolish to invest in such a currency. The idea of virtual currency and that too decentralized seemed nothing but a fuss that no one wanted to land it. But gradually the hype around it developed and big fish like Tesla and Square made announcements regarding its acceptance as a payment method. Many such advancements have kept coming to us for a very long now and these are some of the reasons why people are so optimistic about the future of crypto. Bitcoin is looked up to the most because of how it has been performing lately.

When people underwent a massive shift towards the use of crypto, the new currency gave birth to new needs, and hence a dire need for Crypto exchanges emerged. As soon as these demands made it to the surface, a huge influx of such exchanges was seen to meet the growing demands. These exchanges not only helped people exchange Crypto but also saved time and money. It was eminent that these firms were bound to make large profits if they stayed consistent and efficient. Buying bitcoins and other digital currencies against some money have become a matter of a few seconds. Gone is the time when exchangers had to plan out days to visit exchanges. How easy life has become, you don’t even step out of your room and find cryptos in your wallets.

Watch Out!

But when technology becomes so common and brings so much ease, if you look closely there lie some problems in its baggage. Although a large number of options have made decision-making relatively easy, people still have a hard time reaching the right exchange. Why is that so? Because trusting a company that runs online with your assets is no child’s play. You need to be sure of its competency to begin your exchanging venture with it.

When I first stepped into the exchanging world, I was aware of the imposters. This was why picking the right platform became a huge deal for me. I kept asking any exchanger who made my way about their exchange forum. Serval names came my way but Cryptme was my final choice.  It was not only my colleagues and friends, in fact, when I went through the website, read the important uploaded documents, and had conversations with customer representatives, I was ready to trust the online exchange forum.

I have been a satisfied customer of the forum all these years and do not plan on switching to any other. If you’re looking for a reliable crypto exchange that can be a one-stop solution, then you seriously need to consider Cryptme. By now I have realized how much potential it holds to get into a long-term partnership with its customers. Let’s dive into the specs that have made me stick to it for so long and in such a loyal manner.

First Impression

Being a neophyte, I was not sure if I would be able to operate the site but thanks to the way it has been designed, I quickly figured my way out. The website is incredibly easy to use. One can navigate through it and reach the command button in no time. The overall theme is also up to the mark. A white backdrop with a tinge of purple is a treat to the eyes. Many people prefer black backdrop because they find it more mature and professional but things are different at my end.

My eyes refuse to corporate when it’s all dark around. But I cannot invalidate other’s opinions so it would be great if the option to pick a light/dark theme is added. Apart from colours and theme, font styles, sizes, flashing figures, and colours are laid out just the right way. Headings and titles are eligible and prominent. The interface of the web portal won’t give you a hard time as you use it.


Right in front of you, on the landing page, you’ll find a bar with all important options such as FAQ, Blog, Home, Contact Us, About Us, and Fraud and Scam Protection. Click open any of these and you’ll return satisfied. The login option lets you enter the world of peaceful crypto exchange. Sit back in your warm bed and carry out all crypto transactions as you go sipping your coffee or tea. Before you can get your hands on the remarkable service, you need to register and pick an account. Both of these are fairly easy if you follow the steps just the right way.

All the pages that have been linked on the bar on the home page are equally important and exchangers keep coming back to them every now and then.

Scroll ForMore

Scroll down, and you’ll be updated with all the important information but you’ll need to get the crypto exchange done. These include Transaction Volume of Bitcoin, Market Price, and transactions done per day. I always consider having a look at the number of transactions done because it gives me an idea about the trend and inclination I’m exchangers. The top movers’ other details are also provided which give you further insights into what the large exchangers are up to.

If you have never done an exchange deal before, the self-explanatory home page is there at your service. Once your account is made and verified you have to pick an appropriate payment method. Once done you’re good to go.

In between, if you ever feel the need to figure your way out, you can have a look at the upload tutorials on the web page.

Blog Page

Right at the top, you’ll see a blog page that is placed there to make sure that the customers never feel left out in terms of new and valuable information. This segment had been designed in a manner that is super engaging. The process of having a look at rates, trends, inclinations of exchangers is very engaging. You can conveniently go through engaging stuff because of the way it holds on to your attention.


Salient Features

This platform has some features that come together to give you a package that you’ll get nowhere. It isn’t only fast but security measures are also satisfactory. Yes, you can sleep peacefully. You can pick out any of the three leading digital currencies; Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. You will get all of this at minimum prices which get as low as 0%. The flashing stock information on the bar is something I found very commendable. It keeps all the users updated about the changing market situation.


Ease of Access

A good platform or a website is one that takes care of the need that not all customers have laptops and if they do they cannot carry heavy devices like laptops to wherever they go. Cryptme has kept this in account and has provided us with a website that can be operated from both your phone and your laptop/computer. The phone version of the website is also very well designed and clearly laid out.

Which Account To Pick? 

When you open the website, you’ll find a small list of accounts. In order to sign up, you’ll need one of these accounts, to begin with. The accounts have been divided in terms of features to ensure that you get to pay for what you need and want. There are a total of 3 accounts and each one of them has separate documents required for opening.  These include

  • 0-2000
  • 2001-10,000
  • 10,001- 50,000

0-2000 accounts are for the newbies or students who want to get themselves acquainted with the business. This is why the documentation requirement is minimal. You need an ID, Email, and Phone confirmation.

The 2001-10,000 is for the ones with intermediate experience. It is an updated version of the basic one and hence requires a little more documentation. Along with your ID, email, and phone verification, you need to provide utility bills and a selfie picture.

The 10,001 to 50,000 account is the most advanced one and hence the duty on the shoulders of customers and company rises. This is why they require some additional documents along with utility bills, picture, email, and phone verification, etc.

How ToRegister?

Registration is a fairly easy process. When you open the main web page, you’ll find the register button at the top. As soon as you click it you’ll be taken to a form that will ask you for your basic information. Such as your name, email, phone, country, etc. You can be carefree about your data because security is a top priority at Cryptme. So instead of getting frustrated with the time-consuming registration process, you will soon learn to appreciate the security regulations set in place by the platform.

The Final Word

From customer dealing to the security and ease of operation, I have found everything highly satisfactory and worth it. The optimal exchanging environment is all you need to bring out the hidden crypto freak inside you. None of the platforms is free of flaws but I feel like this one has given me the most in the least amount of money.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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