Business Startup Dubai | 5 Do’s and Don’ts to Make Your Business Profitable

Business set up in Dubai has always been very attractive for the people and why it wouldn’t be? There are a lot of opportunities and facilities for the people which encourage them for the company formation in Dubai.

As MAF Consulting Middle East, here are some do’s and don’ts that people need to follow in the business set up in Dubai. If you follow these pieces of advice, you would be able to stand at a stronger place in Dubai


Select a sponsor

Selecting a sponsor may help you in undefined ways. you will also be able to avoid a lot of problems if you get a sponsor for your company formation.

If you take a sponsor h will be 51 per cent partner in your business and in this way your LLC will be free to locate itself in anywhere in the country. in this way, you would be able to get the b bets locations for your business. you would have to pay that sponsor a yearly fee and he will help you solve your business problems.

Want to own the business wholly? Select a free zone

If you want 100 per cent ownership in your company, you better choose a free zone for that. this is because there are a lot of benefits hidden behind the free zones. Not just that you get 100% ownership but also you will have a speedy startup with a duty-free customs boundary as well. Click here for the details of all free zones.

Select the best location

Location matters a lot. Determine the best location for your company so that you may optimize your suitability, cost and convenience,

Confirm your visa and other requirements

If you want to work in Dubai as a company owner, you must fulfil all the requirements related to it or else you will not be allowed to form a company.

Hire business setup consultants in Dubai

Getting a registered agent is great for you if you want him to take all the processes of startup for you. in this way, the company set up in Dubai will become even more easy for you.


Do not select the free zone without looking over the preconditions and size of the office

The availability of the offices keeps on changing so you better have a look over the office conditions and availability of the office before you choose to form your company in a free zone.

Do not make plan only on the basis of information published.

Make sure that the information being given to you is valid. After checking properly, you can come to any decision.

Do not Choose the license category without properly thinking

This is very important to decide which license category you should take. If it maces with your business model, you may take it but if it doesn’t, go for the one which suits your business model. Make sure that you do not choose a license category that is narrow.

 Do not open a bank account without knowing the charges

There are varying charges in different banks so you better confirm all the charges. Make sure that you do not only go behind the reputation of the bank. First, confirm the charges and then open your bank account.

Do not sign an agreement with a local sponsor without a properly written agreement

A written agreement may save you from getting betrayed by anyone.

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