Bitteks Reviews 2021- Detailed Review Of All Important Aspects

Picking the right forex firm has become a really hard task these days because of the large number of imposters floating everywhere in the market. You run a google search and you’ll find tons of brokers ready to serve you. But it is a task to figure out which ones are worth signing up for. As a young trader it is hard for you to figure that out and this. I am here to review my forex broker, Bitteks, so you all have a clear understanding of how things work here and you can figure out if it will serve all your trading needs the right way. I have divided all important factors into ratings based categories.

  • 4.5/5

Order Execution 

Order execution has to be rapid to ensure that all the deals are done on time and the shown rates. In order to ensure fast rates of execution, highly powerful and technologically advanced computers need to be employed. Here at Bittkes, I have never seen delayed execution and that is why I trust the broker with it. In one of my last forex firms, I had to overpay thousands of bucks every time because the server wasn’t good enough to take up the load and the orders were executed very late. Before joining this one, I inquired about the current users about this point and all of them were fairly satisfied with it.

  • 5/5


As a trader, you are most concerned about the security and safety of not only your assets and money but also that of your private data and information. Here at this forum, security of all sensitive matters is taken as a matter of utmost seriousness and this is why we have never heard anyone complaining about the inability of the forum to take care of their data and money. Most of the forums that I had been to before had compromised security. I once opened my account and saw an error that said that I could not sign into my account. I knew something had already gone wrong and now it was too late but I still tried to contact my broker’s customer support representatives through emails and messages but I got no satisfactory response. When I finally got back my account, all my money was gone.

Past experiences make your work along the right lines and that was why I was very particular about knowing more about how the firm is when it comes to security. Now that I have experienced myself, I feel like everyone who told me not to worry about security here was right. They have taken many extra measures to ensure that no one feels vulnerable to threats here. I also went through the legal documents uploaded and was rather satisfied to see how transparently they talked about all the important matters. Anti Money Laundering Policy, Privacy Policy, Withdrawal, Refund and Cancellation Policy, Terms and Conditions, etc. all are very clearly phrased and help you clearly understand what are your rights and responsibilities as a customer to the company. The disclaimer is also added to the bottom of the page to ensure that you are well aware of the associated threats.

  • 3.4/5


I have always been told and realized myself that education is an integral part of any profession that you wish to make a living in. A good platform would always take care of this. Here at Bitteks, you will vet a very well developed education section that has comprehensive literature to enhance your knowledge. The education segment covers Frequently Asked Questions, Glossary, Asset Index and eBooks. All of these are equally good but all of them have to be updated more often and this is what makes me rate it a 4 / 5.

The FAQs cover all important topics such as the account and the platform. I like how the ones regarding the same topics have been grouped together to help you navigate through them easily. They might want to add a search button so you can simply type the keyword and get to the answer. I like how the questions have been answered in a brief yet comprehensive manner and have links embedded so you don’t need to go back to the options on the main page. There are some questions that the consumers might want to be answered in a more detailed manner so options like read more should be incorporated.

I like to spend my extra time reading the uploaded books because they talk about all the important matters that today’s traders should be aware of. Although all of these are very informative, unfortunately, there are only 12 of them available. I hope more are added soon. Also, the company should consider introducing an option that lets one download these books to devices.

  • 5/5

Customer Care

As a trader, I feel like one of the important factors that determine the success of a firm is a well-developed customer support department. This is why whenever you sign up for a trading forum, always see if they have a good customer support system. If a company focuses on it then it forms a clear indication that the company is interested in serving and satisfying its users. Here, customer support is one of the best ones I have found so far. The professionals are very welcoming and helpful. They believe in sorting out your issue in no time without you realizing how easy the solution was. I once sent a message because I couldn’t find how to change my password but the representative didn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all.

They have introduced 3-4 options for us to contact them; email, chat, call and form. All of these are equally responsive and helpful. Although, I  have never made use of the call one because it isn’t available in my country. One might think email is the least responsive one but I have found it most helpful in times of need. I would also like to mention that the limited hours of operation of the department should be maximized because we have no off weekends and we come across problems in off-hours. I know it might be hard to keep it operational 24/7 but Bitteks has always gone the extra mile to facilitate us.

  • 4/5


Registering for Bitteks is a fairly easy process. All you need to do is fill up a very basic form that will ask you for your name, email and other contact information, country, etc. After that, you’ll be asked to set up a password for your account. Many people tend to skip the next step and this is one of the major reasons why people end up being scammed. I have seen many young traders do that. So you need to go through the documents User agreement and the Risk Disclosure Statement. Both these might be a little boring but they should be read to avoid any mishaps. You can consult your legal aid for this too. Now that you are done, you will be asked if you want any promotional information. I did not check this box. After that, you create an account and you’re done.

The Get Started button on the main page will take you to the registration form.

  • 3/5 Stars 


I believe that the website designers should keep in mind while designing the web pages that many traders from all around the globe will be making use of it and not all of them are equally good with English. This is why many platforms provide their users with multiple languages. Unfortunately, here at Bittkes, the only available language is English. Although many traders can work well with the world’s most used language, a whole lot of them cannot. So I would love to see more options added one day.

Dark Backdrop

I understand how many traders find a dark coloured backdrop very chic, stylish and professional. But someone like me who isn’t a huge fan of dark backgrounds would not be really happy with it. Trading operations such as charting become really hard and you need to put in extra effort to see how things are going on. This is why I would not recommend the firm to change the background to a lighter colour, in fact, I would suggest they add a theme button that lets one pick the theme of choice. I feel like it is just the background because I have always found the rest of the website very engaging, catchy and interactive.

Final Remarks

Selecting Bitteks proved to be the turning point for me because they offered me an optimal trading environment where my trading skills came out and nurtured the right way. Had it not been for the offered tools and instruments, I would’ve been just another average trader, struggling to make a living. I will say that Bitteks holds the potential to entirely change the situation for you. It has all that a long term and loyal trading partner should have.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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