6 Tips on Boosting Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses

We’re on the move.

Nearly sixty percent of all online searches are done on mobile devices. Nearly all location-based searches occur through mobile. People are out somewhere, and they want to know a location near them.

That provides a great opportunity for small, local businesses. But you need to do some work to capitalize on it. Most businesses have a digital marketing strategy, but that won’t be enough.

Start boosting mobile marketing right here. Here are six tips you can use.

  1. Use Video

Mobile users love to watch videos. Just over half of mobile traffic is used for video, and that figure will rise to 75% in 2023.

Make videos that showcase important services. You don’t need sophisticated editing and cinematography. You need to provide useful material for your audience that encourages them to stay with your company.

Show a service you offer, or demonstrate a product. Provide a how-to guide with bonus tips on additional uses. Be humorous when appropriate, but prioritize explaining important things to your audience.

  1. Use Text Messages

Emails are great, but most go unread because of their length. Texts are to-the-point, offering good information in a short space.

Provide special deals through text messages. Encourage your audience to refer your business to others in exchange for giveaways. Make sure to greet your customer by name.

  1. Optimize Voice Search

Mobile users can type searches or use voice search. Voice search usually takes the form of full questions, as in, “Where can I get a hot dog?”

Optimize for voice search the same way you optimize for written search. Include popular search terms in your website content. Make your content as high-quality as possible, to encourage web crawlers to list it high.

  1. Optimize for Micro-Moments

Micro-moments occur when people turn to their devices to solve a problem. They want to make a purchase, or they want to find a piece of information. This takes no longer than a few seconds.

Think about when those moments arise. Then optimize your content for those searches. Tie keywords into your content, and promote the quality of your pages.

  1. Make a Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile users want websites to load fast. Google aims for its pages to load in less than half a second. You don’t have to go that far, but you should keep your loading times within three seconds.

Take a look here and there at your website. If any page doesn’t load, modify it so it loads faster.

You should also make sure that your pages are optimized properly. Buttons and text on mobile should be much larger than on desktops.

  1. Create QR Codes

QR codes are barcodes that mobile devices can scan. They open pages, download videos, and access social media to share links.

You can build your own QR codes with free generators. Place them on your website pages and spread them on social media. Connect them to discounts and important material.

Learn More Tips for Boosting Mobile Marketing

There’s no better way to promote your business than by boosting mobile marketing. Learn some basic tips, and you’ll be building your customer base in no time.

Start using video and text messages to spread important information. Optimize your website content for voice searches and micro-moments. Promote your website speed, and create QR codes that people can download on their phones.

Keep learning new tips to stay ahead of the curb. Follow our coverage for more guides.

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