5 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Employee Recognition In the New Year

Employee recognition can make a huge difference in making sure your employees feel appreciated in their positions. It can also create a greater sense of community and fun within your business.

Instead of trying the same old ways of employee recognition (who really cares about employee of the month anyway?), take a look at these 5 meaningful ways to celebrate your employees!

  1. Personalized Recognition Rewards

When you want to recognize individual employees, it’s nice to show you actually care about them by creating a recognition reward personalized to their needs.

This might mean investing in a tangible gift, like a gift card or movie tickets. Or, it could be more experiential, like a free afternoon off.

  1. Shout out on Social Media

An easy way to dole out some employee recognition is to post a shout out on your social media platform. Another idea to consider is using your noteworthy employees as profile pictures or cover photos across networks.

This might not be the sole way that you celebrate your employees, but it could be an easy way to supplement other forms of recognition.

  1. Fun Breaks from the Norm

A great way to reward employees across the board is to find a fun break from the norm. This could be as simple as inviting employees to take a work-from-home day or a casual dress day, or it could be more elaborate.

In addition, you could also think about throwing a competition, a party or a potluck. This is another great way to foster a sense of community between coworkers while showing your employees how much you appreciate them.

  1. Recognition Programs

If you really value organization, there are recognition programs out there that can make rewarding employees even easier. Bonusly is a top recognition program that can integrate into existing tools to help reward deserving employees.

These programs implement research done on employee recognition to create an effective system for your business. Employees can even give their own opinions on reward options so they feel that their voices are heard.

  1. Special Projects and Opportunities

It might not seem obvious at first to use work as a reward. However, a great way to motivate employees might include letting them spend more time on a project they’re passionate about.

Some employees might be motivated by the opportunity to spend time working on something they really care about. Or, they may wish to work with a new team of people they admire and respect.

Employee Recognition in Your Business

Employee recognition should really be a daily part of your business practices. When employees feel recognized for their efforts, they are more likely to continue working and creating the best output you need.

At the end of the day, a simple thank you goes a long way. However, if you want to create an environment that celebrates employees even more, taking some of these tips might help you even more.

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