5 Accountant Tools Anyone Would Love to Have

Did you know that there are more career options available for accounting services than there were in the 1990s? That’s not the only thing that has changed since then in the field of accounting. Thanks to technology and an increase in business, there are more things an accountant needs to have.

Read on to learn about how you can make your accounting job easier with these five accountant tools.

  1. Calendly

One of the online accountant tools that anyone can benefit from is Calendly. This tool can automate the schedule of outgoing and incoming calls. This eliminates the need to go back and forth with a client or co-worker about when you can speak on the phone.

If you want to create separate schedules you can do that too. For example, create a different one for clients, prospects, and co-workers.

  1. Index Tabs

Index tabs are one of the supplies for an accountant that many forget about. However, they are an important tool because you must keep client information safe.

Index tabs make it easier to find the right data when you need it. This could be when you are responding to an inquiry, finishing tax preparations, or recommending a course of action. As an accountant, you are expected to have great organization skills.

  1. DocuSign

Tools for accountants come in all shapes and sizes, but the best ones make things 100x easier. That’s why we have included DocuSign on our list.

This is one of the best accountant supplies because everything can be done electronically. That means you don’t have to wait for a client or prospect to come into the office. You can sign a document for them to sign through email so that they can get it done on their own time.

This remote signature tool saves hours. No more are the days of tracking down clients who are required to sign tax and other financial documents. It also makes the process of onboarding new clients easier.

  1. QuickBooks Online

Another one of the beneficial accountant tools out there is QuickBooks Online. Everything has become easier with technology, including booking.

Accountants can get free certification classes to understand how to create invoices, view account charts, marking expenses, and more. Being able to do all of these things online through one simple tool saves a lot of time. It can also benefit an accountant by helping them organize client data and prepare tax prep reports.

  1. Basic Kit

If you are ever considering the best gifts for accountants, look no further. Basic kits sound silly, but they are something every accountant needs and can never have too much of. A kit includes old school items like a calculator, pencils, and yellow notepads.

These supplies for accountants can help catch any details that software may not see. It can also help the double-checking process to make sure everything is done correctly.

Accountant Tools You Need Now

As an accountant, whether you are new or seasoned, you need to add these tools to your list. If you want to make your job easier by saving time and being more efficient, these tools are the way to go. Stop wasting precious time and start adding these accountant tools to your cart now.

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