4 Online Business Programs Your Company Needs

30 million small businesses exist in the United States. So no matter the type of company you work for, one thing is certain: the competition is fierce.

In order to survive as a business, you need to make strategic decisions that will benefit you both now and in the future. One of these choices is picking the right software.

In today’s digital world, utilizing the best online business programs out there is absolutely essential. But with so many options, how can you pick the right ones?

In this post, we’ve outlined 3 of the online business software programs your company needs. Keep reading to learn more.


Let’s start with the biggest one: Hubspot. Hubspot is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool and a marketing automation platform.

So no matter the size of your business, it’s a great choice. Here’s why.

The most foundational reason is that it’s an incredible CRM platform. This will manage your customer relationships from start to fiinish. It will keep track of leads, sales, and long-term customers, storing their personal information, contact data, and payment details.

It will keep everything organized so that customers, or potential customers, don’t fall through the cracks as you’re working on everything else in your company.

It’s also an incredibly robust marketing platform. Simply put, Hubspot can help you increase website traffic, generate more leads, and make more deals. Who doesn’t want that?

Hubspot also has all kinds of automation capabilities. Say someone signs up to be a customer. You can have Hubspot automatically send out a welcome email 2 minutes later, followed by a triggered call from a customer service representative.

Talk about 21st century business operations.


Next, let’s talk Trello. Every business is managing multiple projects at once, each with differing levels of priority and one different timelines. Each department also has unique projects, including sales, accounting, marketing, and customer support, for example.

How in the world can you keep track of it all? One great tool to use is Trello.

It’s made for project management, helping you keep track of all of the different subtasks in each project. You can also sort projects into larger categories, like idea, current production, or roadblocked.


Lastly, when it comes to online business programs, you should utilize Slack. Every employee knows the importance of communication. And there’s no better player than Slack when it comes to keeping your team on the same page.

Slack is a tool that allows you to message fellow employees, either individually or in groups. Have a quick question for your boss? Send them a message, similar to a text, instead of composing a lengthy email.

It even allows for file sharing. All for free. It’s great for companies of any size.

And this is just the beginning. There are all kinds of amazing business software programs out there, like TraceGains software for supplier management or Asana for task management.

Online Business Programs You Need

There you have it: online business programs that you should try out in your company. It’s time to make a plan for where to start.

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