4 Advantages of Using Electronic Safety Data Sheets

Did you know that manufacturers of chemicals are required by law to give a safety data sheet to everyone that buys their chemicals? If your company is currently working with hazardous chemicals then you have to make sure that you are staying compliant in order to avoid any citations. We have put together this short guide with the top advantages of using electronic safety data sheets.

Keep reading to learn more about electronic SDS and how safety data sheet software will help your business.

  1. Save Time

One of the major advantages of electronic safety data sheets is that you will avoid wasting time manually sorting through binders of safety data sheets to see what is missing and what is not up to date. This can take you hours to do by hand vs using SDS software that can go through sections of SDS in seconds or minutes with a simple search query.

Using the right software will also help you keep all of the content in the safety data sheets up to date and in place. Another plus is that current SDS software also offers mobile access giving your employees and yourself the ability to get the information needed no matter where they are working from.

  1. Less Risk

Not putting workplace safety and health at risk is a major benefit of using electronic safety data sheets. One way that you reduce risk is by always having up to date safety data sheets and avoiding getting behind because it is much easier to work with SDS electronically. You will also face fewer risks of getting fines and dealing with compliance issues from OSHA.

Your workers will have the ability to handle all materials safely and lessen the risk of having an incident with updated safety data sheets.

  1. Save Money

Whenever you save time you will also save money. Paying employees to deal with safety data sheets manually will cost you a lot more in the long run because they are spending more time doing so. Instead of paying employees for hours of dealing with SDS reviews, you can instead use those financial resources on things to help your business grow instead.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

Most businesses want to be more sustainable and want to help the environment as much as possible. You will save countless trees, ink, and energy because you will avoid printing hard copy safety data sheets once you move to an electronic system.

You can also keep better track of the chemicals coming into your facility by setting alerts in your chemical inventory software to let you know when specific chemicals enter your place of business.

Feeling Like a Safety Data Sheets Pro?

We hope that now that you know the top advantages of electronic safety data sheets you can make an informed decision on which software is best for you. Do not forget that you can’t ignore these sheets because they are required by OSHA.

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